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Don't Miss the Music Man Post

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:22 AM

With the long Kerry post, I'm a bit worried some might miss the lighter hearted “Music Man” post if you weren't hear earlier this evening. Click here to read it, or scroll down to it below the Kerry entry to find it (read the Kerry piece too, of course ;-)).


By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:23 AM

I was going to write a nice post, but all of a sudden I feel completely drained and exhausted and I think I will hit the sack instead. Maybe tomorrow…

What in Tarnation is this!?!?!?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:12 PM

I went over to Christopher's blog when my blogroll noted that the site had been updated and I found quite a surprise there! Asisaid has received Christopher's blog of the month award. :-)

May 2004: As I Said

Needless to say that was a great surprise. Thanks Christopher!

Life Mimicks Humor

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:22 PM

Remember last year when I joked about being Dan Richardson? Well, now I'm in trouble. It seems like the real Dan Richardson read that post and is suing me now for tarnishing his name. Here's the letter I got today from his attorney:

Johkin, Laffen and Funknee, LLP

Dear Mr. Butler:
Our client has notified us that you have engaged in acts of impersonation of his identity on your site. Our client has since received questions from potential employers who found this information when searching the Google search engine about him. We have calculated a net loss of over $28,000 in actual damages since you posted this message last year.

This is your official notice that our client is filing suit against you and shall attempt to retreive the $28,000 plus punitive damages for this disgraceful action on your part. If you are interested in settling this dispute, our client is open to accepting $26,000 upfront to drop litigation.

Arntu Laffen
Johkin, Laffen and Funknee, LLP

Moving on up

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 2:12 AM

Asisaid (as the guinea pig of my sites) is going to be picking up and moving to a new box as soon as WHOIS updates. If things get a little weird for the next day or two, don't worry, it should only be temporary. :-)

Of course, feel free to let me know if you can't get to asisaid at all, or something like that…

Why am I moving asisaid? Well there's a good reason, but I'm too tired to tell it right now, so I'll let you know that (along with my reaction to The Passion) on the other side of this DNS update.

Site Design

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 9:58 PM

Ok, so its time for the Christmas decorations to come down. Actually it was time along time ago. My problem is that I was really tired of the look I had before I switched to the Christmas layout, so now I have to figure out another new look to replace the Christmas one. I haven't figured such a design out yet.

I'm thinking about keeping the hills that currently have a nativity on them but making them green and grassy. Any other ideas?

New Look, Same Great Taste

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 2:00 AM

Well, I've been planning to bedeck asisaid for Christmas since the end of October and that fit in neatly with my desire for some improvements in the site's design. Christopher's recent reworking of What in Tarnation!?!? and Avoiding Evil got me even more in the mood to redesign. While I'm still working on some things (like redoing the navbar categories — they really don't fit as well as they did before the site became mostly centered around this blog), I've pretty much revised the look. It's about time: not much has changed on the site for almost two years and I was getting tired of the way things looked.

Obviously, some of it is season specific (it's Ccchrrriiissstmmmmassssss allll oooovverrr the woooooorrrlld… uh, ahem) , but what do you think overall? Is it an improvement? I've tested it on Mozilla, Konqueror and Internet Explorer and everything checks out. I would have tried Safari too, but my KVM switch seems to be getting ready to buy the farm and I can't control my G5 very well atm. sigh

By the way, I realized that last week marked the one year anniversary of the first time I was aware that someone other than Ciaran (who gave me the software to start this blog) was reading this blog — Mr. Wright! It also marks a year since I added comments, so perhaps Christopher, or someone else, was here before that, although I rarely posted anything that was very interesting prior to the redesign of the blogging software that added comments.

Bzip2: Ubercompressor for Everyone

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:10 PM

I realized I had filled up my hosting quota (ouch!) and so I logged onto ssh and started to clean up my account. I found asisaid.com's logs were about 20 megabytes and FaithTree.com's were taking up a pretty good amount too (although I had started those over about two months ago), so I compressed 'em to start fresh. Thanks to the powerful bzip2 compression tool, I was able to take about 30 total megs of logs and shrink them to about 2 megabytes using bzip2's best compression mode.

So that leads to two points: (1) If you tried to post here and couldn't, please try again — there's room now. I think this may have been the problem with CS-FSLUG too, so CS members should try reposting as well. (2) Try bzip2 if you haven't previously.

And the moral of the story: watch out for runaway log files! :-)

Well, There's Always Next Month

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:47 PM

[Update: Since I quoted the text that would have gone on the blog if it had been up, I took Kevin's advice and backdated this entry.]
Up until yesterday I was proceeding along well with my goal to blog at least once a day for an entire month (previously I've never gone for 15 days without at least a one day pause). Unfortunately something took down at least a good portion of the datacenter my site is in, thus preventing me from continuing my attempts.

I went into a little more detail in a comment last night, before giving up, on Josiah's site:
Unfortunately something else [other than yesterday morning's Slashdotting] has taken down my sites, all of my clients' sites, and my hosting company’s site for the last three or four hours (must be something bigger than a simple Slashdotting or such, since they have 20 or more servers and they all seem to be MIA at the moment). sigh I’ve been trying to post a blog entry every day this month, so I guess this comment will have to count as one because it certainly doesn’t look like my server will be back up any time soon.

At first, the obvious solution seemed to be to just do a post on Sakamuyo, but its on the same company's systems as asisaid, so that didn't work either. Oh well.

More Stock

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:37 PM

For those that missed the last issuing of stock, I've issued more asisaid.com shares of stock at BlogShares. Take a look, here.

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