Well, There's Always Next Month

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:47 PM

[Update: Since I quoted the text that would have gone on the blog if it had been up, I took Kevin's advice and backdated this entry.]
Up until yesterday I was proceeding along well with my goal to blog at least once a day for an entire month (previously I've never gone for 15 days without at least a one day pause). Unfortunately something took down at least a good portion of the datacenter my site is in, thus preventing me from continuing my attempts.

I went into a little more detail in a comment last night, before giving up, on Josiah's site:
Unfortunately something else [other than yesterday morning's Slashdotting] has taken down my sites, all of my clients' sites, and my hosting company’s site for the last three or four hours (must be something bigger than a simple Slashdotting or such, since they have 20 or more servers and they all seem to be MIA at the moment). sigh I’ve been trying to post a blog entry every day this month, so I guess this comment will have to count as one because it certainly doesn’t look like my server will be back up any time soon.

At first, the obvious solution seemed to be to just do a post on Sakamuyo, but its on the same company's systems as asisaid, so that didn't work either. Oh well.

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RE: Well, There's Always Next Month

You know, Tim. You could have just written something offline yesterday. Then, when you had access back, you could have posted it and backdated it to the time you wrote it. Since you intended to post at that time and a server issue outside your control kept you from it, I think that would have been an honest workaround.

Oh, if you haven’t yet, check out the hm forums for details on what went down last night.

Posted by kevin - Oct 17, 2003 | 2:21 PM- Location:

RE: Well, There's Always Next Month

That’s true. I’m sort of counting my post about it to Josiah as my entry for yesterday (maybe I’ll redo it with a backdate for fun. :-)

I did read the HM forum after I put the post on this morning… that’s horrible. I hope it wasn’t my site that they were aiming the DDoS at — my site causes enough trouble just with attracting Slashdottings on the server. :-\

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Oct 17, 2003 | 2:46 PM- Location: MO

RE: Well, There's Always Next Month

OR… You could have shot me over an e-mail and posted on WIT. That reminds me, I am going to be looking for some guest bloggers for next week. Hint, hint…

Posted by Christopher - Oct 17, 2003 | 5:14 PM- Location: MO

RE: Well, There's Always Next Month

DDoS is yucky and hard to deal with. Maybe MS didn’t want that new Mandrake release getting out to the people. Hm… :-) Anyway, I was glad to hear from you Tim.

Posted by Josiah Ritchie - Oct 18, 2003 | 10:44 AM- Location:

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