Bzip2: Ubercompressor for Everyone

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:10 PM

I realized I had filled up my hosting quota (ouch!) and so I logged onto ssh and started to clean up my account. I found's logs were about 20 megabytes and's were taking up a pretty good amount too (although I had started those over about two months ago), so I compressed 'em to start fresh. Thanks to the powerful bzip2 compression tool, I was able to take about 30 total megs of logs and shrink them to about 2 megabytes using bzip2's best compression mode.

So that leads to two points: (1) If you tried to post here and couldn't, please try again — there's room now. I think this may have been the problem with CS-FSLUG too, so CS members should try reposting as well. (2) Try bzip2 if you haven't previously.

And the moral of the story: watch out for runaway log files! :-)

Tags: asisaid

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RE: Bzip2: Ubercompressor for Everyone

I’ve been there before! Lost my blog because of it!

Posted by Christopher - Oct 19, 2003 | 12:18 AM- Location: MO

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