Life Mimicks Humor

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:22 PM

Remember last year when I joked about being Dan Richardson? Well, now I'm in trouble. It seems like the real Dan Richardson read that post and is suing me now for tarnishing his name. Here's the letter I got today from his attorney:

Johkin, Laffen and Funknee, LLP

Dear Mr. Butler:
Our client has notified us that you have engaged in acts of impersonation of his identity on your site. Our client has since received questions from potential employers who found this information when searching the Google search engine about him. We have calculated a net loss of over $28,000 in actual damages since you posted this message last year.

This is your official notice that our client is filing suit against you and shall attempt to retreive the $28,000 plus punitive damages for this disgraceful action on your part. If you are interested in settling this dispute, our client is open to accepting $26,000 upfront to drop litigation.

Arntu Laffen
Johkin, Laffen and Funknee, LLP

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RE: Life Mimicks Humor

I sure am.  :)

Posted by kevin - Apr 02, 2004 | 1:16 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

RE: Life Mimicks Humor

You know, if it had not been posted on April 1st I wouldn’t hold it for impossible… Not sure how you look at it, but in the rest of the world Americans are famous for suing each other at the slightest excuse :)

Posted by Flip - Apr 02, 2004 | 2:32 AM- Location: Sweden

RE: Life Mimicks Humor

Har, har, har. Laugh it up buddy.

Posted by Christopher - Apr 02, 2004 | 11:56 AM- Location: MO

RE: Life Mimicks Humor

Oh, Oh, Oh, man you got me there. I had to really think about it before I cought on. I just happen to see the date above the post.

Posted by David McGlone - Apr 02, 2004 | 10:53 PM- Location: Columbus, Ohio

RE: Life Mimicks Humor

Kevin: so that’s who you really are!

Filip: Yeah, that’s true. That’s what makes it such a great setting for a joke.. err.. wait, maybe it isn’t! ;-)

Christopher: Yup. Might as well, at least until Richardson gets me….

David: Hehehe… what can I say?

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Apr 03, 2004 | 1:58 AM- Location: MO

RE: Life Mimicks Humor

Kevin: Oh, wait I second, you weren’t joking about being Richardson. *slaps my head* You got the more subtle nuance in the joke and I didn’t even realize you got it! Silly me.
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Apr 03, 2004 | 2:11 AM- Location: St. Peters, MO

RE: Life Mimicks Humor

Subtle response to the subtle joke, aye.  :)

Posted by kevin - Apr 03, 2004 | 2:26 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

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