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There Goes Another Night

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:08 AM

I've just spent the night trying — well, I guess I shouldn't post quite yet, since I post under my real name. Let's just say sometimes I feel even more reassured than normal that I am doing the best thing getting out of the consulting business.

I'll also say that this incident can be blamed for it being at least tomorrow before I'll get the new site design up here. sigh

Fellow consultants and others that must deal with “users” trying to figure out computers, feel free to share your “war stories” below.

Spoke too Soon

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:45 AM

The Hosting Life

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:20 PM

C+SR Returns

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:43 AM

Mac Woes

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:40 AM

Too much to do...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 2:03 AM


By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:02 AM

Friday Five: Work

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:54 PM

1. Where do you currently work?
Universal Networks

2. How many other jobs have you had and where?
None or several, depending on how you look at it. I've always been self employed, but I've been focusing less on consulting lately and more on journalism at OfB, so I guess you could almost say I've switched jobs. Unfortunately, I have to keep doing consulting for the moment though, at least until the ad market picks up.

3. What do you like best about your job?
That's a difficult question. I enjoy the interaction and response to commentary I post and I also enjoy seeing a completed consulting project. However, I think I definately enjoy the interaction, along with the flexibility I have, the most.

4. What do you like least about your job?
Not being able to completely devote my time to journalistic pursuits.

5. What is your dream job?
I think my dream job would be a position involved in apologetics. I love the apologetics and comparative religion field and it would be great to get to devote my time to that. I'd also enjoy working in renewal movements in the mainline Christian denominations… I bet that shocked some of you, huh? I guess I'm drawn to the areas where scriptural analysis, discussion, and defense are at the core of the job.

In particular, one of my dreams would be to spend time creating a reference that contained concise reports on the top few hundred religions, denominations, cults, and sects. There are lots of guides to all of these things, but there really isn't an exhaustive listing of all of these groups in one easy to find place. Most resources pick “favorites” or just the top few, and I'd love to see a resource so that when the average Christian (or anyone for that matter) wanted to know who a 'Whatchamacallit' was, they could just flip open a book. Maybe I'll talk more about this in another journal entry sometime…

The Creative Penguin

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 9:55 PM

The Comments of Tired Tim

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:30 AM

And, this week, an unexpected task took up a bunch of time. As mentioned previously, I run two mailing lists (with the help of my co-administrators) - ChristianSource FSLUG and OfB-Talk. Well, last week rumblings were going on that another one of my favorite lists - KDE-Cafe - was on the chopping block, since the KDE Project no longer wanted to be associated with it. So, Tink (the list admin) accepted an offer to bring it over to's server. That took some work, but the worst was still to come.

This week this server was upgrades to use suExec, which, among other things, made Mailman get a lot less friendly URL out of the box. So, I compiled a new version of Mailman (a tedious project!), and finally was able to get it going last night. So anyway, while these two list events weren't exactly connected, they both ate up time that should have been devoted elsewhere. Oh well.

Hopefully this next week I'll get more of my todo list done rather than unscheduled tasks…

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