The Comments of Tired Tim

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:30 AM

I'm too tired to do anything else, so I thought “why not put something in my Journal?” Perhaps I'll regret that thought later, but later is later, and it's now right now. Actually, I think I'm already starting to regret this… ;-)

Seriously, I've been pretty busy lately. I have lots of projects vying for my attention right now. Open for Business is ever the time hog, and would gladly eat up all my available time… and more. Then I also have good ol' FreeMoz (f/k/a OpenMoz), which is just begging for a much needed shower of attention. Considering it has almost been a year since I started the project, you'd think I'd get somewhere on it.

And, this week, an unexpected task took up a bunch of time. As mentioned previously, I run two mailing lists (with the help of my co-administrators) - ChristianSource FSLUG and OfB-Talk. Well, last week rumblings were going on that another one of my favorite lists - KDE-Cafe - was on the chopping block, since the KDE Project no longer wanted to be associated with it. So, Tink (the list admin) accepted an offer to bring it over to's server. That took some work, but the worst was still to come.

This week this server was upgrades to use suExec, which, among other things, made Mailman get a lot less friendly URL out of the box. So, I compiled a new version of Mailman (a tedious project!), and finally was able to get it going last night. So anyway, while these two list events weren't exactly connected, they both ate up time that should have been devoted elsewhere. Oh well.

Hopefully this next week I'll get more of my todo list done rather than unscheduled tasks…

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