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Fallen Idol

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:58 PM

I forgot to post on here that I placed a commentary on the Obama issue over at OFB the other day. Check it out here. I plan on running a series of presidential commentaries on OFB as we look towards the final Democratic primaries.

Jeremiah was My Pastor

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:18 AM

Listen here for an amusing parody of “Joy to the World (“Jeremiah was a Bullfrog”), with reference to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It's hardly a laughing matter, admittedly, when someone spews hate, racism and anti-semeticism, but still, everything has its lighter side, no?

Hat tip for the song: guess who.

The more serious take I have not given online until now: Sen. Obama has shown a troubling and absolutely huge lack of judgment belonging to Trinity UCC for the last twenty years. I've thought that for months, since I first became aware of the situation. I am glad the whole controversy has come to the top, because people should know and consider why a man wanting to be the leader of the free world would call a hateful man like Rev. Wright a mentor and his “spiritual advisor.” Neither McCain nor Clinton have close ties to anyone like this, and attempts to suggest that McCain being endorsed by someone like Hagee or Clinton being defended by Ferraro is on the same plain as Obama being guided by Wright is inexcusably disingenuous. Folks, you should be ashamed of yourselves for even attempting it.

The end result? Obama is a terribly slippery politician that belonged to the church to build up his base, a terribly judge of character who stayed at the church because he was incapable of understanding what Wright was doing, or he is lying and actually agrees with Wright's racist, anti-American opinions. Do any of those speak to someone we want as president?

Like everyone else, I was entranced by Obama at the DNC '04, where he gave his “Audacity of Hope” speech. Seeing him then, I am totally unsurprised that he is only steps away from the presidency now. But just the slightest understanding of Obama and his stands (politically and otherwise) ought to shake anyone from a naive, passive acceptance of his opinions.

I Like Mike, But McCain Ain't Bad

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:44 AM

Well, I still like Gov. Huckabee and I still firmly believe he was the best candidate in any party. But, he has wisely chosen to cede to Sen. John McCain, and I believe that will be for the best. I do not agree with McCain on a number of points (particularly points like immigration, campaign finance reform and stem cell research) where he agrees with the Dems, but in general I agree with him vastly more than the Democrats. He's a mostly strong social conservative, he has the right plan for Iraq, and he is a fiscal conservative.

McCain will help keep our country not only safe, but also running smoothly. He reiterated tonight — very well, I might add — how Obama and Clinton both have visions for our country that return us to the big government plans of the past. These will hurt our economy and only place more government burden upon us. They were not right several decades ago and remain wrong today. Admittedly, President Bush has failed here, but I believe McCain has given every reason to believe he will correct the not-so-conservative failings of Bush.

With that in mind, I now place my (ever weighty!) endorsement on Sen. John McCain. Go Johnny go!

Don't Vote Obama

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:23 AM

Go vote Huckabee if you are Republican, just to let McCain know conservatism is alive and well. More importantly, vote Clinton if you are a Democrat to help show that empty promises of “change” do not mask a poor and strongly liberal record. Nor does it cover up interactions with extremists such as Obama mentor Jeremiah Wright, not to mention Louis Farrakan. Nor does it forgive wild promises concerning Iraq. Obama is wrong for American — I believe the worst of the major candidates to run in either party. Candidates who cause Messianic feelings amongst people should cause the wise person concern not joy. Given Huckabee's unfortunately low polling numbers, I am inclined to say even Republicans should go vote Clinton tomorrow, because it is critical that Obamamania is deflated, if such is even possible at this point.

(Humorous bits like the two mock debates from the past two weeks of SNL, available with a little searching online, may help as they show how biased the mass media is towards Obama, but even that may be too little, too late.)

Meanwhile, check out a very good article by my friend Dennis E. Powell. He has some amusing anecdotes about the primaries tomorrow.

It’s an interesting campaign in terms of the process, if not so much the outcome. In one party, there is someone who has campaigned based on the religious fervor of his followers and an old warhorse who feels through years of service entitled to the nomination. The Republicans have a couple of candidates, too.

I Believe Change Can Happen in the Future...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:47 AM

Hat tip: Credit goes to none other than the man who ties half his brains behind his back just to make it fair, the lovable, harmless, fuzz-ball, the all seeing, all knowing, all feeling Maha Rushie. Yes, El Rushbo himself. That's a clip that has been playing on the Rush Limbaugh Show before EIB Obscene Profit Center breaks. And yes, using all that EIB jargon has just made me admit I listen to America's Anchorman a bit too much… but, don't fear, I am not a Rush 24/7 subscriber, and I do not listen to the Weapon of Mass Instruction every day. And, no, I do not go to Rush for my political opinions. If I did, I wouldn't support Huckabee and I would never vote for McCain.

Go Huckabee!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:06 PM

Mike Huckabee has already taken Kansas today. If you are in a state voting this weekend, consider voting for the best and last conservative standing for the 2008 Presidential nomination. Huckabee is the only true outsider, the only one with innovative plans to reform government and is the only candidate to survive as a major player despite the mass media constantly trying to show him as an also ran. Send a message to the nation that this race isn't over yet!

Also, consider helping me reach my $100 for Huckabee goal by donating through this link to

Let's tell American we like Mike!

Reminder: Super Tuesday

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:21 PM

This is just a reminder to go vote (for Huckabee) today. You know you want to vote (for Huckabee). Go check out Huckabee's site if you are still undecided.

Also, if you live in St. Charles County (District 16), consider Mark Parkinson for state representative. I actually had the chance to meet Mr. Parkinson as he campaigned door-to-door and was really impressed with his thoughtful answers.

Sorry to Go All Political

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:30 AM

If you aren't into politics, or at least are tired of my little campaign for the best candidate on the field, Mike Huckabee (sorry, I couldn't resist), I promise to talk about something else later tonight. Bear with me on one more post tonight as I analyze the CNN debate tonight.

UPDATE:Think Huckabee is irrelevant? Check out this quote concerning tonight's debate from Bill Schneider of CNN. The Huckabee campaign is alive, well and energized. Help me raise $100 for the Huckabee campaign by giving a Buck for Huck here.

Who won? Perhaps Ron Paul, but certainly Huckabee came close as well. Both Congressman Paul and Gov. Huckabee are presenting exactly the kind of thoughtful, issue focused remarks people need to hear. Sadly, CNN's Anderson Cooper ignored the two of them most of the time — leading to a lot less interesting debate primarily between Romney and McCain. Quite frankly, I think Romney took the night from McCain after a poor start — of the two, McCain came out looking like a spiteful, dirty campaigner and Romney like the guy trying to defend his own, good record. Given Romney's record of negative campaigning, that's ironic, but McCain brought it on himself. I hope people saw the exchange tonight, saw Huckabee's continuing wistful, lighthearted humor and Rep. Paul's continuing out-of-the-box thinking and maybe will decide to vote for someone other than the two dirty campaigners. - I Like Mike!

I hope, when they do, they will vote for Gov. Huckabee, a candidate that actually has a chance of winning matched with his helpful, forward-looking vision. If not, sure, tip a vote into Ron Paul's box and at least show the GOP that we like hearing about issues.

Remember, Huckabee has the best pro-life, pro-family record. He will eliminate our messed up tax system. He will bring to Washington a positive message of hope and change. He is a true compassionate conservative, not just one that wears a label claiming that title. Let's get Huckabee over the top.

Help Huckabee

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:17 AM

First off, I forgot to mention, but last night, we at Open for Business published our endorsement article for the presidency. It may or may not be what you expect, check it out here. - I Like Mike!

I've just seen the latest Rasmussen poll and Gov. Huckabee is still leading McCain in Missouri, and Missouri is not the only state where there is hope. Why not contribute to the Huckabee campaign right now? Here's a convenient link. Why not sign up and become a Huckabee Ranger while you are at it?

Even if McCain gets the most delegates, it is important that Huckabee gets as many as possible. If we can help Gov. Huckabee get as many delegates as possible, we will empower him to push for the exciting plans of change he has been talking about. He may still be able to nab the nomination, but what if he does not? Well, more delegates help to push Huckabee towards running mate status as a worst case scenario. A McCain-Huckabee ticket would be incredibly powerful. But, first things first. We need to get Gov. Huckabee as many votes as possible.

Mike Huckabee represents a clear vision for the Republican Party. It is time to get the Grand Old Party back on track. It is time to remind people that we are the party of small government. We are the party that respects life. We are the party that respects people. We are the party that respects liberty. In times of economic trouble, no party is better suited to the job at hand than the party that will apply sensible, conservative solutions. We need to offer those conservative solutions. If the Republicans do not, who will? Certainly not the Democrats.

Just to admit it, on the Democratic side, I'm favoring Sen. Clinton. If we must have a Democrat, I'll take for more years of the Clinton administration. But, the problem is that she isn't offering the solutions the country needs any more than the other Democratic candidates. The time is right for a real conservative (something President Bush, sadly, has not been). Huckabee has conservative values, but he also knows how to engage issues important to Democrats — this will help him in the general election again Clinton, Obama or Edwards. Sen. McCain has this same quality, yes, but Gov. Huckabee has a stronger conservative base that will allow him to do so without causing the core of the Republican party to feel disenfranchised, a risk I feel is very real with McCain.

I like Mike! I hope you do too.

Let's Rally for Mike

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:28 AM - I Like Mike!

Well, it's time to campaign. In my estimation, Gov. Huckabee is the best man for the job of President of the United States. He has a clear conservative record. He has the dignity and respect the office deserves. He has a plan to move forward with innovative ideas that will change the status quo. Friends, this election is a chance to have someone different who will bring real change unlike anything we've seen in the last three administrations. I like Mike. We need to help Mike by supporting him in states like Missouri where he has a shot. This campaign has come so far, and yet the tide seems to be turning against the good governor. He needs vocal support and he needs it now. It is not too late — look at how he made a meteoric rise this past fall — let's help him rise once more.

Join his campaign. Fly his banner on your site. And, most of all, show up on February 5 and vote.

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