Jeremiah was My Pastor

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:18 AM

Listen here for an amusing parody of “Joy to the World (“Jeremiah was a Bullfrog”), with reference to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It's hardly a laughing matter, admittedly, when someone spews hate, racism and anti-semeticism, but still, everything has its lighter side, no?

Hat tip for the song: guess who.

The more serious take I have not given online until now: Sen. Obama has shown a troubling and absolutely huge lack of judgment belonging to Trinity UCC for the last twenty years. I've thought that for months, since I first became aware of the situation. I am glad the whole controversy has come to the top, because people should know and consider why a man wanting to be the leader of the free world would call a hateful man like Rev. Wright a mentor and his “spiritual advisor.” Neither McCain nor Clinton have close ties to anyone like this, and attempts to suggest that McCain being endorsed by someone like Hagee or Clinton being defended by Ferraro is on the same plain as Obama being guided by Wright is inexcusably disingenuous. Folks, you should be ashamed of yourselves for even attempting it.

The end result? Obama is a terribly slippery politician that belonged to the church to build up his base, a terribly judge of character who stayed at the church because he was incapable of understanding what Wright was doing, or he is lying and actually agrees with Wright's racist, anti-American opinions. Do any of those speak to someone we want as president?

Like everyone else, I was entranced by Obama at the DNC '04, where he gave his “Audacity of Hope” speech. Seeing him then, I am totally unsurprised that he is only steps away from the presidency now. But just the slightest understanding of Obama and his stands (politically and otherwise) ought to shake anyone from a naive, passive acceptance of his opinions.

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