I Like Mike, But McCain Ain't Bad

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:44 AM

Well, I still like Gov. Huckabee and I still firmly believe he was the best candidate in any party. But, he has wisely chosen to cede to Sen. John McCain, and I believe that will be for the best. I do not agree with McCain on a number of points (particularly points like immigration, campaign finance reform and stem cell research) where he agrees with the Dems, but in general I agree with him vastly more than the Democrats. He's a mostly strong social conservative, he has the right plan for Iraq, and he is a fiscal conservative.

McCain will help keep our country not only safe, but also running smoothly. He reiterated tonight — very well, I might add — how Obama and Clinton both have visions for our country that return us to the big government plans of the past. These will hurt our economy and only place more government burden upon us. They were not right several decades ago and remain wrong today. Admittedly, President Bush has failed here, but I believe McCain has given every reason to believe he will correct the not-so-conservative failings of Bush.

With that in mind, I now place my (ever weighty!) endorsement on Sen. John McCain. Go Johnny go!

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