I Believe Change Can Happen in the Future...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:47 AM

because the future is different than the past and is not the present either. Ah, something like that is what everyone's favorite political candidate cultural phenomenon, Sen. Barack Obama, seems to be saying. Check out this “commercial” for his campaign — it is really amusing. I'll abstain from noting who created this ingenious little audio clip until after the fold. Listen to it first. :)

But I will tirade a bit while I wait for you to listen. I am really sick and tired of hearing about change from Sen. Obama. I can take that word from the mouth of Gov. Huckabee, because when he speaks of the word “change,” it is always a verb. “I am going to change our tax system,” Huckabee says, and then he says how. Obama on the other hand speaks of change as a noun, as this mystical god-like blob out there that is worthy of worship in the church of the American Dream. He rarely says what he will change in any kind of targeted sense and, even when he does, hardly ever says how he is going to change it. As John Podhoretz so aptly notes, Obama is a Rorschach Candidate — people project their own beliefs and desires on him rather than looking at his record; that's how some conservatives are actually excited about a run-of-the-mill liberal candidate, and those desiring a “clean,” “honest” candidate are pleased about a man with a history of work with a corrupt Chicago business man like Tony Rezko.

All the more reason to support Huckabee in the GOP primaries and Sen. Clinton in the not-so-grand, but still old party primaries, and McCain or Huckabee in the general election. I'll support either of the GOP guys in November, unless McCain does something really stupid like pick a pro-abortion veep. For now, though, I just sit back and wonder how many people actually have a good reason for supporting Sen. Obama (hint: saying “I'm for change” is like answering “why did you track mud through the house” with “becaaaaaaause”).

Hat tip: Credit goes to none other than the man who ties half his brains behind his back just to make it fair, the lovable, harmless, fuzz-ball, the all seeing, all knowing, all feeling Maha Rushie. Yes, El Rushbo himself. That's a clip that has been playing on the Rush Limbaugh Show before EIB Obscene Profit Center breaks. And yes, using all that EIB jargon has just made me admit I listen to America's Anchorman a bit too much… but, don't fear, I am not a Rush 24/7 subscriber, and I do not listen to the Weapon of Mass Instruction every day. And, no, I do not go to Rush for my political opinions. If I did, I wouldn't support Huckabee and I would never vote for McCain.

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