Don't Vote Obama

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:23 PM

Go vote Huckabee if you are Republican, just to let McCain know conservatism is alive and well. More importantly, vote Clinton if you are a Democrat to help show that empty promises of “change” do not mask a poor and strongly liberal record. Nor does it cover up interactions with extremists such as Obama mentor Jeremiah Wright, not to mention Louis Farrakan. Nor does it forgive wild promises concerning Iraq. Obama is wrong for American — I believe the worst of the major candidates to run in either party. Candidates who cause Messianic feelings amongst people should cause the wise person concern not joy. Given Huckabee's unfortunately low polling numbers, I am inclined to say even Republicans should go vote Clinton tomorrow, because it is critical that Obamamania is deflated, if such is even possible at this point.

(Humorous bits like the two mock debates from the past two weeks of SNL, available with a little searching online, may help as they show how biased the mass media is towards Obama, but even that may be too little, too late.)

Meanwhile, check out a very good article by my friend Dennis E. Powell. He has some amusing anecdotes about the primaries tomorrow.

It’s an interesting campaign in terms of the process, if not so much the outcome. In one party, there is someone who has campaigned based on the religious fervor of his followers and an old warhorse who feels through years of service entitled to the nomination. The Republicans have a couple of candidates, too.
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