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Away for the First Time

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 7:03 PM

We say the church is God and not ours, but planting a church one gets pretty attached and sometimes that can get blurry feeling. I’m used to being there to fix the things that don’t work, hit all the right knobs for the live stream if something goes wrong and so on. I’ll admit it was a little scary being away from it for the first time during a worship service, even if my absence was made necessary by chickenpox (the last thing I’d want to do is share this!).

But what a wonderful reminder that the church is HIS, not mine nor anyone else’s. His Body at Little Hills Church went into overdrive tonight to make everything work for worship in-person and for those of us worshipping online. Thank you to my mom (Tamara Haffner Butler) who got there super early to make sure all the systems were on, Jim Krenning who faithfully delivered God’s Word on a challenging passage, Melanie Lawrence Haynes who led worship beautifully, Pastor Tim Krenning who oversaw the Lord’s Supper, Jeff Landis who read Scripture and helped with a few technical points and of course, the entire church family (whether online or in-person) who was praying and simply BEING together.

God is at work and this was beautiful tonight as He made sure His work continues. Indeed: His Treasure is the lasting treasure.

Ukraine Waging War on Christianity

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 2:28 PM

A notable TV personality claimed last night that Ukrainian President Zelensky declared “war on Christianity.” Wondering if this is true? It is not; this is unequivocally false. Here’s what’s going on: the Ukrainian government has restricted the Russian state church’s operations in Ukrainian after the Russian government was found to be using it to do espionage. (That same church is led by a man who is explicitly encouraging war on innocent civilians in Ukraine.) The Orthodox Church of Ukraine recognized by the Patriarch of Constantinople, along with Catholics and Protestants, are unaffected and able to minister in Ukraine freely. In other words, this restriction is only on a group blaspheming the name of Christ by functioning as an arm of a hostile government waging an unjust war and trying to use the teachings of Christ to justify it.

Wombat Pine Pro

An Unfamiliar Name Proves Intriguing

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:29 PM

Continuing the fall keyboard review season with the interesting Wombat Pine Pro:

Mechanical keyboard makers generally fall into two broad categories: established gaming peripheral companies and a series of upstarts, like Keychron and Epomaker, focused purely on mechanical boards. Wombat Keyboards is neither and, like the company, its Pine Pro keyboard feels like a unique entry into a market flooded with very similar offerings.

Don't Take Grafting for Granted (November 14, 2022)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:47 PM

This week we explore how we get to be a part of the story we have been following throughout Scripture. And how that affects our attitude.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 46: Ps. 129-130)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:31 PM

Melanie takes us through Ps. 129-131 and how they help us to turn our trust toward our God.

Missed Doomsdays (November 7, 2022)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 8:05 PM

Lots of things get predicted… but do they happen? As we consider the New Covenant, we see that God foretold something that applies to us.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 45: Ps. 126-128)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 9:00 AM

This was my week on “Songs for Our Temple” and for it, we turn to Psalms 126-128 to think about thankfulness and blessings from our God.

Das Keyboard MacTigr

Metadot Exquisitely Crafts a Mac-focused Keyboard

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 9:50 PM

I’ve been reviewing keyboards once again on OFB, this week a new Mac-focused keyboard from one of my favorite keyboard makers, Metadot:

At the height of the rage around the first consumer marketed Hummer, later rechristened the H1, I remember getting the chance to climb into one at the nation’s leading dealer of that incredibly robust SUV. The vehicle was capable of tackling terrain no car I’ve ever owned could, but also was incredibly basic on certain creature comforts. This is a professional tool. That analogy aptly fits the Das Keyboard MacTigr, the curiously spelled, newly released keyboard from Metadot.

Really Spooky Stuff (October 31, 2022)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:38 PM
Tonight we consider the stuff that really scares us: our plans crumbling and the uncertainty we can feel about where God in those moments.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 44: Ps. 123-125)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:41 PM

Jason takes us through Psalms 123-125 as we continue our one year journey through these songs praising God and applying His truth to our lives.

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