Ukraine Waging War on Christianity

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 2:28 PM

A notable TV personality claimed last night that Ukrainian President Zelensky declared “war on Christianity.” Wondering if this is true? It is not; this is unequivocally false. Here’s what’s going on: the Ukrainian government has restricted the Russian state church’s operations in Ukrainian after the Russian government was found to be using it to do espionage. (That same church is led by a man who is explicitly encouraging war on innocent civilians in Ukraine.) The Orthodox Church of Ukraine recognized by the Patriarch of Constantinople, along with Catholics and Protestants, are unaffected and able to minister in Ukraine freely. In other words, this restriction is only on a group blaspheming the name of Christ by functioning as an arm of a hostile government waging an unjust war and trying to use the teachings of Christ to justify it.

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