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Read My Lips: No Taxes?

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Another fellow Missouri blog, Sophoristically Speaking, has an interesting entry. According to this entry, a Tennessee court has decided that there may not be a requirement to pay federal taxes. Interesting…

Thy Kingdom is the Fairest, Dear King

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Ah, yes, it's time for another edition of stupid web polls. This week, Kingdomality — my medieval personality!
Your distinct personality, The Dreamer-Minstrel might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You can always see the “Silver Lining” to every dark and dreary cloud. Look at the bright side is your motto and understanding why everything happens for the best is your goal. You are the positive optimist of the world who provides the hope for all humankind. There is nothing so terrible that you can not find some good within it. On the positive side, you are spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. On the negative side, you may be a sentimental dreamer who is emotionally impractical. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.
Who are you? Thanks go to Tony for the link.

Also: ever think you've run into food that doesn't agree with you? Well, don't complain unless it is this bad.

The World as a Blog

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Well, that's neat! I found World as a Blog, and when I signed on under my URL (to show I was online), I noticed Sisters' Weblog: It Boggles the Mind is also on… (hi Susan or Katie!). I thought that was kind of interesting that two b4G'ers were among the few people currently on that site. Even more interesting, for some reason it never dawned on me that the weblogging sisters aren't all that far away on the map (I should read their blogchalk entries better).

Blogging certainly does make the world seem smaller… I mean, who'd think that I'd end up running into a number of bloggers that are just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from here (Christopher, Pressed, and Le Renard)? For that matter, Jake isn't all that far from here either. Midwestern bloggers are clearly a force to be reckoned with! Perhaps we need to start a Midwestern Bloggers Association (MwBA). ;-)

I Dream of Jeannie Restarts Today

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After bringing up the I Dream of Jeannie poll this week, I thought this might be a good thing to note: If you haven't seen I Dream of Jeannie before or would like to see it again, TV Land has gone back to the early episodes of the series.

The first ~ 30 episodes are in Black & White (originally aired in 1965-66), but that hardly damages their light hearted comedy. I Dream of Jeannie airs several times a day, with a primetime slot at 10:30 central time (right after I Love Lucy). If you get a chance, go ahead and blink on your TV set at that time. An “executive Jeannie summary” is below to help you get started.

Friday Five: Travel

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1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country? Technically speaking, that would be last month when I went over to Calhoun County, Illinois for a ride. You can make a nice trip of it — take the bridge over to Alton, Ill from St. Charles, Mo, then drive down the Great River Road. From there you can take the (free) Brussles Fairy over the Illinois River to Calhoun County, home of the world's best peaches. Calhoun County is a very pretty area and a nice place to spend an afternoon.

From there, you can take the Golden Eagle Fairy across the Mississippi River to return to St. Charles County. Two fairy rides in one day is very nice! Better yet, on my last trip I found out a new fairy opened — now you can take a fairy over to the Great River Road too. This fairy was especially nice in that it crosses over the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

At any rate, if the question was asking the last time I actually stayed overnight, or longer, out-of-state, that would be Indiana last August. I went up there for my grandfather's wedding.

2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling? Hmm… I dunno. The thing that comes to mind occurred on one of my family's semi-annual trips to the Ozarks when I was little. My grandpa (not the one mentioned above) decided to bring a metal detector to look for coins and other stuff on our trip. We didn't have room for it in the car, so it was tied up on the roof. We stopped for lunch at the very nice rest area right outside of Springfield, Mo, and then took back off. As we were pulling out of the rest area, we heard a loud “TTTHHHHHUUUUMP!” It was the metal detector flying off the roof. My mother pulled off Interstate 44 and chased the metal detector up the highway (it was in a cardboard box and drifted away from the car). Fortunately neither my mother nor the detector were hurt.

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go? Hmm… depends when you ask me. On Monday I would have said San Fransisco for LinuxWorld. ;-) Seriously, that's tough, but since it is probably more expensive to get there than other places I might want to go, I'd probably make Australia the destination for this trip. For some reason, Down Under fascinates me. Although, probably I'd rather go to Europe — I'd like to tour through England, France, Germany, etc. I have some friends over there I'd like to meet, so that'd be an added bonus.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car? Car, definitely. My legs are long enough that a coach seat on a plane is very uncomfortable for more than a short while (and first class costs too much!). For that matter, I also get an ear ache when on planes, which isn't too pleasant either. Cars are good — you see more, you can go where ever you want, and your stuff can't accidentally go to the wrong destination or get damaged.

5. What's the next place on your list to visit? A new place to visit or just the next place? The next place is probably the Ozarks again — hopefully in mid-fall, otherwise, hopefully at Christmas (schedule permitting). I don't have any plans to go any place new, although who knows…

LinuxWorld: What a Show!

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Ah, I wish I was there. Where? LinuxWorld San Fransisco! For those of you not familiar with it, LinuxWorld is the twice a year show during which all the biggest names in the GNU/Linux world (and computer world for that matter) come together to promote their wares. Best of all, dozens of exciting announcements come out of the show.

Consider this week's headlines over at So far, I've written or linked to stories about IBM Suing SCO, Real Networks announcing a new GNU/Linux media player project, Red Hat Suing SCO (see a theme here?), Oracle becoming completely Linux-ized, Disney switching over to GNU/Linux desktops in some cases, Apple getting a more Free Software friendly license for the poorly named Darwin, and Novell purchasing GNU/Linux desktop supporter Ximian. Interested in these stories? Take a look.

But beyond that there is the experience. All the big names promote new products and let you see the latest — AMD, Intel, Red Hat, IBM, Novell, even Microsoft (yeah, that sounds strange, but it is true). Then there is the .Org pavilion where the great developers and projects of the community show up: KDE, Gnome, Debian, and more. Linus Torvalds, Jon “Maddog” Hall, and Richard Stallman have all been spotted at LinuxWorld.

Maybe I'll make it next year.

Le Sabot Post-Moderne: Not Down... Moved.

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John, Discoshaman himself, wrote me about his site. I just mentioned that I added it to my blogroll last night. Unfortunately, it seems, in the process of moving to a new location, his old site went down due to lack of bandwidth. He asked if I would mention the new address, so here ya go… If you are looking for Le Sabot Post-Moderne, stop by instead of the old address you may have.

Blog Roll'n

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Well, I've added a few good links to the ol' BlogRoll (see right) over the past few weeks. I just added Elevation, a new blog (I just got word about it!) that should prove very interesting, I think. Gavenagain is a very nice guy I know and I'm really looking forward to hearing what he has to say here.

I've also finally added a link to Darren Rowse's Living Room, a blog I've been following for some time, but hadn't linked to. It's a great blog with lots of thought provoking content. Darren recently did a cool series on “Underblogs,” those of us who have blogs that aren't quite as well known.

Finally, I've added Discoshaman's Le Sabot Post-Moderne. It's somewhat of a political/culturally focused blog. I really like it so far.

There is a logical explaination for this, sir.

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You're Tony Nelson! It doesn't get any more stable
than you. You love peace and quiet, manual
reading and gardening are among your exciting
weekend endeavors.

What I Dream of Jeannie character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

So who are you? Does Dr. Bellows need to analyze you too or can you blink your problems away?

But the real question is: Does it Come with Free Shipping?

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It seems that someone is working on copying Dell's build-to-order model in another industry: Cars. Build-to-Order Inc. is hoping to create an on-demand car manufacturing business with low inventory and quick arrival of parts from suppliers.

It works well for computers, but I wonder how well it works for cars?

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