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LinuxWorld: What a Show!

By | Posted at 18:55

Ah, I wish I was there. Where? LinuxWorld San Fransisco! For those of you not familiar with it, LinuxWorld is the twice a year show during which all the biggest names in the GNU/Linux world (and computer world for that matter) come together to promote their wares. Best of all, dozens of exciting announcements come out of the show.

Consider this week's headlines over at So far, I've written or linked to stories about IBM Suing SCO, Real Networks announcing a new GNU/Linux media player project, Red Hat Suing SCO (see a theme here?), Oracle becoming completely Linux-ized, Disney switching over to GNU/Linux desktops in some cases, Apple getting a more Free Software friendly license for the poorly named Darwin, and Novell purchasing GNU/Linux desktop supporter Ximian. Interested in these stories? Take a look.

But beyond that there is the experience. All the big names promote new products and let you see the latest — AMD, Intel, Red Hat, IBM, Novell, even Microsoft (yeah, that sounds strange, but it is true). Then there is the .Org pavilion where the great developers and projects of the community show up: KDE, Gnome, Debian, and more. Linus Torvalds, Jon “Maddog” Hall, and Richard Stallman have all been spotted at LinuxWorld.

Maybe I'll make it next year.

Le Sabot Post-Moderne: Not Down... Moved.

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John, Discoshaman himself, wrote me about his site. I just mentioned that I added it to my blogroll last night. Unfortunately, it seems, in the process of moving to a new location, his old site went down due to lack of bandwidth. He asked if I would mention the new address, so here ya go… If you are looking for Le Sabot Post-Moderne, stop by instead of the old address you may have.

Blog Roll'n

By | Posted at 18:43

Well, I've added a few good links to the ol' BlogRoll (see right) over the past few weeks. I just added Elevation, a new blog (I just got word about it!) that should prove very interesting, I think. Gavenagain is a very nice guy I know and I'm really looking forward to hearing what he has to say here.

I've also finally added a link to Darren Rowse's Living Room, a blog I've been following for some time, but hadn't linked to. It's a great blog with lots of thought provoking content. Darren recently did a cool series on “Underblogs,” those of us who have blogs that aren't quite as well known.

Finally, I've added Discoshaman's Le Sabot Post-Moderne. It's somewhat of a political/culturally focused blog. I really like it so far.

There is a logical explaination for this, sir.

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So who are you? Does Dr. Bellows need to analyze you too or can you blink your problems away?

But the real question is: Does it Come with Free Shipping?

By | Posted at 18:44

It seems that someone is working on copying Dell's build-to-order model in another industry: Cars. Build-to-Order Inc. is hoping to create an on-demand car manufacturing business with low inventory and quick arrival of parts from suppliers.

It works well for computers, but I wonder how well it works for cars?

Rebates, Rebates, and More Rebates

By | Posted at 18:56

Yikes! I had a stack of rebates that had been waiting on my desk to be filled out for several weeks. sigh It ended up taking me thirty minutes to get through the stack, although fortunately with the new technique of printing the rebates on the receipts themselves, it makes things easier. Still, I just don't like doing rebates for some reason… at least I don't have to think about it any more.

The Case of the Lost Comments

By | Posted at 14:49

I think I figured out what might have been causing some comments to get lost after posting. If you did post and your comment didn't stay online, please try again. I think everything should be working now. :-) Thanks!

What about Forgiveness?

By | Posted at 19:48

In my recent post about President Clinton, something disturbed me about the response I saw here (and response elsewhere to the President's statements). I've noticed this before, but it really struck me this time. “Where is the forgiveness?” kept running through my head. It brought to mind a lyric that Steven Curtis Chapman wrote for a song called “The Change”:

What about the change What about the difference
What about the grace
What about forgiveness
What about a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change, yeah
I'm undergoing the change

It occurred to me that often times, especially in politics, we get so wrapped up, we don't have a life that is showing the change.

Phew... what a day.

By | Posted at 12:15

Well, you may be wondering were I've been. Yesterday I spent the day in a hospital waiting room. Dad went in for a angiogram and possibly an angioplasty (after the doctors noticed a small anomaly during a stress test) and instead ended up getting a quadruple bypass surgery. It was, needless to say, very worrisome — he had several passages with 90% blockage and a few with 70 or 80%.

Going in yesterday he really didn't expect more than possibly an angioplasty (where they use a balloon to clear blockages), since it didn't even look like he had more than a blockage-in-formation. We are just thankful it was caught when it was — leaving it alone for longer possibly would have caused a massive heart attack.

At any rate, he's doing fairly well today. The hospital moved him out of ICU ahead of schedule, and he might be released by Monday, which is amazing, to say the least. While the toughest part is (hopefully) over, prayers would still be appreciated.

Mr. Former President: Thanks.

By | Posted at 18:27

Well, I never expected to say it, but former President Clinton has just earned a hearty thanks in my books. According to CNN, Clinton called in to honor Larry King's guest — Bob Dole — on Dole's 80th birthday. During the conversation, he talked about the current controversy concerning President Bush's State of the Union address. Of course we know what he said. He talked about how terrible the president was and what a bad job he'd done — err, wait a second, actually that wasn't anything like what he said.

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