Question For You, The Reader

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:23 AM

I have a question for you, the readers of asisaid. Starting last week, I restarted ChristianSource's Bible Study. We are going through the book of Hosea at the moment. The way it works is that I post a link to that week's Bible reading (one chapter) and a few questions which I cannot promise will be particularly profound or anything like that. It also comes with the encouragement for participants to add their own questions to the discussion

Ok, so here is the question: would anyone not presently interested in being on CS be interested in participating? If so, let me know, and maybe I'll start posting the study here too.

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RE: Question For You, The Reader

I wasn’t aware of this site until now (no under a rock jokes please ;-)) I’d like to lurk for a little while if you don’t mind.

Posted by Mark - Aug 23, 2004 | 7:59 AM- Location: MA

RE: Question For You, The Reader

I’d be pretty interested in seeing it here, yes. :D That would be cool.

Posted by Ciaran - Aug 23, 2004 | 10:54 AM- Location: England, UK

RE: Question For You, The Reader

I wouldn’t get upset! :)

Posted by Christopher - Aug 23, 2004 | 7:58 PM- Location: MO

RE: Question For You, The Reader

The potential downside I see here is that there would likely exist a lack of communication between those responding to the bible study on the mailing list and those responding here.

Would perhaps a separate list for it make sense?

Posted by David - Aug 24, 2004 | 3:08 AM- Location: Western Canada

RE: Question For You, The Reader

I would be intrested.

Posted by Michael Morgan - Aug 24, 2004 | 5:13 PM- Location: Sullivan, Missouri

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