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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:37 AM

A bit of Christmas poesy from Christina Rossetti that I was thinking about yesterday while updating my office hours sign at Lindenwood:

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter, long ago.

Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him, nor earth sustain;
Heaven and earth shall flee away when He comes to reign.
In the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed
The Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.

Enough for Him, whom cherubim, worship night and day,
Breastful of milk, and a mangerful of hay;
Enough for Him, whom angels fall before,
The ox and ass and camel which adore.

Angels and archangels may have gathered there,
Cherubim and seraphim thronged the air;
But His mother only, in her maiden bliss,
Worshipped the beloved with a kiss.

What can I give Him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give Him: give my heart.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 8:15 AM

It finally snowed tonight. It may have snowed so little that it will be hard to even spot evidence of it by tomorrow morning, but it was a delight just to see a hint of the white stuff after so little of it last year. Hopefully we will get a good, significant snow sometime soon.

On the Third Day of Christmas

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 8:38 AM

I was too busy to think of anything good to post here, but didn't want to break multi-year tradition of posting each of the twelve days, so I posted this. What sorts of silly traditions lead you to do similarly odd things?

On the Second Day of Christmas...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 8:06 AM

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday. Mine was a peaceful, wonderful time with family. And now I am looking forward to the second day of Christmas, which, if the weather front scoots over just a tad will make the Second Day of Christmas a White Christmas. It might be a bit late, but it would still be delightful!

On the First Day of Christmas...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 7:25 AM

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have the most joyful of holidays as we celebrate the arrival of our Lord in the flesh so many years ago.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,
“Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” (Luke 2.13-14 ESV)

Happy Independence Day!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:52 AM

I hope all of my American readers had a delightful Fourth of July filled with family, friends, food and (wherever possible) fireworks!

Happy Summer!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:06 AM

This year, with as warm as the weather has been, it is hard to believe that summer hasn't already been “in session” for several months. It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the season holds in store for us.

Leaping into Asisaid's Second Decade

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:04 AM

I managed to overlook my blog's anniversary, February 21, which marked my tenth year of blogging. Given that I missed that date, it seems the second best option is to commemorate that milestone by mentioning it on Leap Day. The blogosphere has certainly changed since I first started writing here and I think services like Facebook have drained some of the life out of blogs. Nevertheless, I still find the whole blog concept intriguing and worth continued exploration.

I hope everyone had a good “extra day”! ;)

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 7:30 AM

We celebrate the arrival of the Magi to see Jesus on this day. Of course, the “three kings,” as they are often referred to as, did not arrive until much later after Jesus's birth than the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany. Yet, to think too much about that is to miss the point. The big point is that God can call people to himself wherever they might be and whomever they are. By his Spirit, he led the Magi to Christ — an incredible event.

* * *

On a different note, as often is the case, my whole family usually ends up getting together for our Christmas celebration in January and this year it falls on the 2nd day of the Feast of Epiphany (i.e. tomorrow). Onward to the Thirteenth Day of Christmas!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 7:16 AM

Applying the term Eleventh Day of Christmas to today seemed odd. The temperature rose above 60 degrees (F) this afternoon. If I had been blindfolded and had been in a cave for the last several months, walking outside would have led me to think it was at least late March if not early April.

This is just too weird feeling. While I'm thankful I don't have to drive in the snow, I really do miss the usual winter weather this year.

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