Happy Summer!

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 6:06 AM

This year, with as warm as the weather has been, it is hard to believe that summer hasn't already been “in session” for several months. It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the season holds in store for us.

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Re: Happy Summer!
We had an incredibly warm, dry winter. I've heard two different prognostications. Either we're going to have a mild summer or it's going to set record highs. Personally I'm hoping for the former but I fear it will be the latter.
Posted by Jason Franklin - Jun 20, 2012 | 12:10 PM

Re: Happy Summer!
And I've still been running the heater at night. We've just started getting out of the 60's, but not yet with consistency. We have had a very typical spring for us, right up through yesterday's cloudy high of 63. Today, though, is expected to hit near 80. Brother Sun knows how to read a calendar in Oregon, I guess. :mrgreen:
Posted by Caedmon Michael - Jun 20, 2012 | 6:21 PM

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