Photo Quest #1

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:52 AM

As I said yesterday, I'm not now participating in Flip's Photo Quest meme. Here are the photos and accompanying descriptions for this month's quest:

1. This is my sock drawer drawer, which also collects other miscellaneous stuff, such as my iPod, which you can see in the small black case on the right side. Normally there are some black socks in there that would add contrast, but none of them are clean at the moment.

2. The second photo is of a gas station. This one is a bp station, located in Chesterfield, MO, that was converted from an Amoco last year. The picture size makes it a bit hard to see the prices, which were $2.10/gallon for regular unleaded and $2.20 for “silver” unleaded (though unlisted, I presume premium was $2.30). All prices have 9/10 of an additional cent on them, so you might as well round up a penny. This was taken last Saturday, and was about in the middle of the range between QuikTrip at $2.05/gal. and a ConocoPhilips station that was charging $2.15/gal. For my European friends, that is €0.42/liter (or $0.55/liter).

3. A generic, empty electrical wall plate. Normally this one is behind some equipment, so it is rarely used.

4. This is my beloved omelet pan, which I submit for the frying pan portion of the quest. This pan is just the right size for a nice, fluffy three egg omelet. It hasn't been getting much attention lately, however.

5. Some shampoo. I'm not picky brand wise.

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Re: Photo Quest #1

You’re not participating?

Looks like you are. :grin:

Posted by Christopher - Apr 24, 2005 | 5:14 AM- Location: MO

Re: Photo Quest #1

Most confusing… Interesting to see the photos (do you realize you pay not even half of what we pay for petrol :shock: ), and may I add that taking the perfect photography has never been the idea of the PQ. Esthetics is only secondary :smile:

Posted by Flip - Apr 24, 2005 | 8:13 AM- Location: Sweden

Re: Photo Quest #1

What is a “Photo Quest meme”? Just grab photo’s of random stuff??

Posted by Mark - Apr 24, 2005 | 1:57 PM- Location: MA

Re: Photo Quest #1

Christopher: That’s what I get for posting it without properly rereading it. :oops:

Flip: Indeed, it is! Here I thought I was participating and I subconsciously realized I was not! Concerning fuel prices, I’m always shocked at prices in Europe — that would be a killer!

Mark: Take a look here. You’ll also find links to all of the participants photos on the side column of Flip’s blog. Essentially, you are assigned five things to take pictures of every month. A neat idea, I think.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Apr 24, 2005 | 3:46 PM- Location: MO

Re: Photo Quest #1

Hi Tim [or do you prefer Timothy?] Welcome to the wonderful world of the PhotoQuest :) Good pics, if a trifle on the small size :)

My normal homepage addy is as above, but I’m toying with the idea of moving over to Flickr, where my April PQ’s are sitting.

[actual time here is 18.32]

Posted by Joe - Apr 24, 2005 | 5:33 PM- Location: Scotland

Re: Photo Quest #1

Hi Joe, either is fine (most people call me Tim). Thanks for the welcome! :D They are a tad bit small; I should have made some larger versions as well or maybe next time I’ll put them on the permalink of the page so that I don’t have to worry about slowing down the front page load time as much.

I’ve never played with Flickr, but it looks like it houses your April PQ quite nicely. I enjoyed yours as well. :)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Apr 24, 2005 | 5:39 PM- Location: MO

Re: Photo Quest #1

Thanks Tim, may consider doing next months. Hmmmmmmm.

Posted by Mark - Apr 25, 2005 | 11:54 PM- Location: MA

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