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On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas

By Tim Butler | Posted at 23:13

Ok, I'm running behind. Tomorrow, I will finish up the Blogs of Christmas with my last two featured blogs. I'm sorry about the delay. :)

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 1:06

Well, I've gotten behind, but that's OK, there are several blogs I don't read all that reliably (or they don't post that reliably) left that I was going to cover. I'll skip those, leaving me with only three blogs I really want to mention. First up, as the Eighth Blog of Christmas is Ed Hurst's Mission, Method and Means (formerly “Plain Package”).

Though I've never met Ed in person, I feel like I might as well have. We work together on a bunch of things, including, Sakamuyo and ChristianSource. He's always full of thoughtful observations, helpful how-to's, and a whole medley of other things. It should not be overlooked that Ed is also a continued willing (sole) beta tester for SAFARI 2.

After a forced hiatus from reading his blog due to a WordPress bug, I'm happy to be back to seeing what he's writing on his blog. He's been working on two series in the last week, one of shameful ISP's and one on Christian romance. Take a look.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 18:32

Well, I just had a big New Year's dinner and I barely feel like doing anything at all, but I figured I should write the next Blog of Christmas before it gets too late again. This is an interesting exercise, at the very least; I hope some of you are enjoying the brief looks at some blogs perhaps you do not already follow. I really encourage everyone to checkout the blogs I mention, if you haven't already.

The Sixth Blog of Christmas is Craig's Avoiding Evil. Over the years, Pressed, as he goes by on the Internet, has provided some really excellent theological posts, along with an especially notable history of controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention — often that have been known to start good debates on his blog. Avoiding Evil has gained an additional writer recently in the form of Craig's fiancee, Kendall, who has added her own interesting flavor to the blog. While it isn't as regularly updated as many of the blogs I read, it is still worth checking out. :)

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 23:58

Well, Blogrolling is down (perhaps six geese a laying got in the way of the servers), so I can't use that as my guide for who will be the Fifth Blog of Christmas. In lieu of that, I decided to go on a slightly different theme from the past few and make Josiah's Buzzing Bye the next blog du jour.

I first met Josiah on CS-FSLUG, but I ran into his blog — interestingly enough — via BlogShares, back when that site was new and some didn't have so much blog money that there wasn't much fun to playing any longer. Josiah posts on a variety of topics, but especially Linuxy things, along with VoIP, faith and so on. He's sort of my dose of tech bloggy goodness (unless you count Slashdot as a blog). As I've spent less time following the tech sector over the last year or so, it has been especially nice to have Josiah point me towards things I might otherwise miss. Thanks, Josiah.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 22:30

Well, I'd like to receive five golden rings, if anyone wants to offer them to me. I'm not a ring wearer myself, but I'm sure my mom and my cousin would both like one, and I could pawn off the other three for a tidy profit. That has a nice ring to it. But, barring that, we return to the Fourth Blog of Christmas, which it seems is Jason Franklin's the Book of Confusion.

Jason is a newcomer to my blogroll (I just added him about two weeks ago), although I've been following his blog somewhat for a good while now. I know him better for his participation over at SCF and on Kevin's blog. I appreciate his wide ranging blog entries, be they short little ones posted from his T-Mobile Sidekick (such as the one today on the foundation of our faith) or slightly longer ones posted in a more traditional manner. He is observant and I certainly thank him for his contribution to my daily reading of the blogosphere and (like Kevin before and Ed sometime in the next six days) also to the fellowship at SCF.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 23:46

Well, let's forget the calling birds. Today, we have the third blog of Christmas: Kevin's emergentpdx. It has gone through more names than I can probably recall now, but I've been following his blog in some iteration since the summer of 2002. Kevin's blog was the second blog I started reading and the first to really get me connected to the blogosphere (I followed his links to the Cranium Leakage gang, starting with WIT, especially). I've known Kevin a bit longer; I first “met” him on the customer forums of our mutual old web host back in the summer of 2001 — he actually had to put up with me as a customer for awhile, when he took a position at that company and was often the tech that answered my questions and complaints. :shock:

At any rate, Kevin has a tendency to make me think. He's usually one step ahead of me on whatever path I might be heading down (such as the conversion to seeing the light amidst the darkness and chaos). Usually, I've found I disagree with him, try to formulate an argument and sooner or later defeat myself and end up agreeing with him. But, contrary to what some people tell me, I'm don't think I'm going to be making my own RomeComing just now. Thanks, Kevin for the always thought provoking posts.

Hmm… so who will be the Fifth Blog of Christmas?

PS: To my first two Blogs of Christmas, I'm sorry your posts were a bit shorter, on the third time I actually remembered to start early enough that I could still write coherently half-intelligible ramblings.

On the Third Day of Christmas

By Tim Butler | Posted at 0:35

I haven't even had a chance to read the comments on the last entry yet (nor fix some new bugs in SAFARI), but I didn't want to miss the next Blog of Christmas.

We started out with Michael, and now we move to the co-creator of the Cranium Leakage family of sites to which Michael's site is a member: Christopher and What in Tarnation. Christopher is one of two bloggers that really helped me get started in the blogosphere. He always has amusing stories from his adventures as a third grade teacher, among other interesting things. Plus, as of a few days ago, he added a theme to his site that features the beloved logo of yesteryear that I've so often bugged him about. Christopher is the second of three blogging friends from Missouri among my stroll through the blogroll (the first, chronologically). Check out his site — it'll make you say “inside cheke and cimble” in five seconds flat. :) Thanks for sharing your stories, Christopher.

Anonymous Posting

By Tim Butler | Posted at 23:55

Sometimes I wish blogging was a bit more like a forum. There's a few posts I might write if I could post them under a pseudonym or anonymously that I won't or can't post under my real name (yes, in case anyone ever suspected otherwise, I really am Tim Butler). I could start up a second blog, but that wouldn't have the same readers and blogging isn't anything, in my estimation, without the community of other bloggers and readers that comment.

When I use to be on some forums, on occasion I would create an alter ego to ask questions I couldn't have tied to my name. (For instance, I use to post on several web hosting forums and when I went to shop for a new web host, I didn't want my old one to know that I was asking about other hosts.)

For now, I'm stockpiling these entries in case I get a good idea what to do with them. Hmm.

Still Here

By | Posted at 22:20

It occurs to me that the last week was probably the biggest gap in my blog that has existed in over a year. I'll be back to full speed soon. I have something new to post about tomorrow.

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and support with regard to my grandmother's passing.

Michael Makes a Move

By | Posted at 21:44

I mentioned Christopher's blog-in-exile (BiE) yesterday; another one of my blogging buddies from Cranium Leakage, Michael Morgan, has also started a BiE, which you can find here. Tell 'im Tim sent ya, so I get my referral fees. ;)

Psssst: Christopher, you said you were paying me $20 per person referred, right?

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