On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:58 AM

Well, Blogrolling is down (perhaps six geese a laying got in the way of the servers), so I can't use that as my guide for who will be the Fifth Blog of Christmas. In lieu of that, I decided to go on a slightly different theme from the past few and make Josiah's Buzzing Bye the next blog du jour.

I first met Josiah on CS-FSLUG, but I ran into his blog — interestingly enough — via BlogShares, back when that site was new and some didn't have so much blog money that there wasn't much fun to playing any longer. Josiah posts on a variety of topics, but especially Linuxy things, along with VoIP, faith and so on. He's sort of my dose of tech bloggy goodness (unless you count Slashdot as a blog). As I've spent less time following the tech sector over the last year or so, it has been especially nice to have Josiah point me towards things I might otherwise miss. Thanks, Josiah.

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