Subqueries Take One

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:38 AM

As you may recall, I recently discovered subqueries. While everything should seem functionally the same, you'll now be receiving subquery produced information when you view category pages. I think everything seems to be working OK thus far, although the subqueries seem to be a bit slower simply doing several queries, which suggests to me I must not be doing something right — why would initiating multiple queries be faster than one complex query?

Hopefully, I'll continue working on adding functionality via subqueries in the near future.

Oh, and about commenting or the lack of the ability to do thereof: I think I finally fixed SAFARI so that commenting should be on by default on asisaid. I'll be distributing that minor bug fix to other SAFARI-powered sites, such as Ed's, once I stabilize the subquery work a bit more.

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