SAFARI 2 Road Map

By Tim Butler | Posted at 6:43 PM
Here's what I need to do soon to SAFARI 2:
  • Implement per post comment_disabled flag. (I promise this to Ed a long time ago.)
  • Create query string option to use alternate themes (e.g. for optional front pages that don't look blog-like.)
  • Implement metadata editor allowing editing of any standard metadata as well as addition of unlimited custom metadata.
  • Allow data to be limited based on any metadata, not just category.
  • Streamline category/metadata selection mode to use MySQL sub-queries.
  • Rework search engine from SAFARI 1.x flat file database support to SAFARI 2.x SQL database system.

Launch of the new, reworked Open for Business.

Lower priority goals:
  • Implement user-end of multi-level threaded commenting.
  • Finish auto-caching spider for high traffic readiness.
  • User registration tied to e-mail address verification.
  • User-only comment posting restriction mode.

This will make SAFARI 2 functionally complete.

SAFARI 2 Release Candidate Goals:
  • Rework inefficient subroutines, removing 1.x legacy code.
  • Verify SQL injection protection.
  • Decide on and reveal new name (too much confusion with Apple Safari web browser, even though SAFARI the CMS was first.)
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