What'd I Just Do?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 3:35 PM

So, I was looking through American TV's ad this morning for their warehouse sale and noticed they had Mac minis (PowerPC) starting at $299. I called up and while my store did not have any, they had two in the St. Louis area — one 1.42 GHz/256 megs of ram and one 1.25 Ghz/256 megs of ram for $349 and $299 respectively. Both are the combo drive models, but that's not so bad.

I bought both of them. They're going for more than that on eBay, after all and they have a 15 day return policy if I get buyers remorse.

I thought I'd mention this truly great deal in case anyone has an American store in their area. Seems like a great deal. I have a sample copy of OS X Server that I'm going to put on one of them. Maybe the other will be an extra computer workstation or something, I'm not sure.

Re: What'd I Just Do?
Posted by Christopher - Apr 26, 2006 | 9:22 PM

Re: What'd I Just Do?
Nice deal!
Posted by Michael - Sep 16, 2014 | 3:31 AM

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