On the Second Day of Christmas...

By Tim Butler | Posted at 11:30 PM

Well, no true love of mine gave me two turtle doves today, I'm afraid. Well, not really — why would I want two turtle doves? And skip the French hens too. But, since I didn't wish all of you a Merry Christmas on

Christmas day, please accept my belated wishes. With eleven days to go, I've decided to post a short note of thanks to each member of my blogroll over the remaining days of Christmas. I present the Eleven Blogs of Christmas.

Going in the present order of my blogroll (which may get confusing, since it shifts based on the updating of blogs), I'm going to start with my Missouri blogging buddy Michael (of Time to Believe). This seems an appropriate way to start, for, among other things, Michael always reminds me to be thankful. Michael has posted 130 “Thankful Tuesday Two” posts in which he takes a moment to be thankful for things we might otherwise take for granted. Thanks, Michael. :)

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