This Makes Me Hungry

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:52 PM

Josiah locates an open letter to the Kansas School Board concerning Intelligent Design. I'll admit it is somewhat creative, even though it misses the primary point that I think a lot of ID'ers would like to express. Personally, I don't have a big interest in seeing Intelligent Design taught in schools. What I would like to see is an acknowledgment in education that abiogenesis is not mathematically probable. Students could then decide what to make of that revelation.

As a side note: how many of you support having ID taught in schools? How many of you realize that ID does not attempt to disprove evolution, but is rather a theistic interpretation of macroevolution? Well, my readers are smart, I'm sure you knew that; but I'm always surprised how many people fail to understand the difference between creationism (7 day creation) and intelligent design (which does not disagree with Darwin so much as provides an “experiencing-as” interpretation of Darwinian beliefs).

Requesting the teaching of ID need not be a sectarian action at all: the main point is to go back to Aristotle. It seems illogical to suggest there is no cause to the effect that we see. There must be an unmoved mover and most people find it most reasonable to refer to an unmoved mover as God. My friend Thomas provides some expanded views on this idea. (Yes, I realize that philosophically I am mixing teleological and cosmological arguments, but beyond the academic distinction, they really fit together, in my estimation.)

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