Dead Tired

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:22 AM

Well, I think I just spent more time reading Genesis in one sitting than I ever have before. For this semester's Old Testament class, I had to read the vast majority of the book by Tuesday. I decided to get it done tonight, and plowed all the way from “In the beginning” to “and he was put in a coffin in Egypt.” My professor, mercifully, skipped some of the side plots, but kept the vast majority of the text. I then read the corresponding chapter in the textbook that overviews what I had just read with scholarly commentary as well.

He admits that there is too much reading in this class (which is only REL 210, but has a far more in-depth reading schedule than the normal 300 level REL class), but that he cannot figure out what to possibly leave out (it looks like Numbers gets pared down substantially, thankfully — I wouldn't want to reread it in its entirety for a second time in a year :shock:).

I am exhausted.

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