To Find a Gift Card

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:25 AM

I was cleaning today when I stumbled across a Borders giftcard I had received at Christmas and never used. This presents me with a difficult situation: just what should I buy with it? :) I could go over to a local Borders Books, Music and Cafe and perhaps pick up a book. Or, on (which is run by, I could probably pick up a few. Either way, I could pick up a book I saw yesterday, entitled Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective, which looks very interesting. Or I could buy another book from Karl Barth, I was looking at his books when I ran into the other one. Or, I could perhaps buy part of C.S. Lewis' space trilogy, or the Rising (the first prequel in the Left Behind series)… oh the possibilities!

On the other hand, I could also buy a CD — I'm intrigued by Nichole Nordeman's new CD Brave (I purchased Woven & Spun after she opened Steven Curtis Chapman's show here a few years back). Or I could perhaps buy something else…

Yes, when I'm given a gift card for a book store, I'm like a kid in a candy store. Well, actually, I'm like that a lot of times when I'm in a book store. I was just at Borders this week and walked out with a stack of books from their bargain book section (including one of Emile Durkheim's books for five bucks!).

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