President Bush Speaks, War Begins

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 10:35 PM

At quarter before nine central time tonight, Ari Fleischer, White House spokesman reported “The disarmament of Iraq has begun.” After that ominous one sentence announcement, at 9:15, President Bush came on and made it official. We are now beginning the campaign against Iraq.

Apparently, intelligence gave indication of where they thought Saddam Hussein was and tonight's attack was an “attack of opportunity” to try to “decapitate” the regime. It is not clear when the full attack will begin.

UPDATE: 12-24 cruise missiles were used in the initial attack.

Ironically as the initial follies are being exchanged, thunder crashes across the sky out my window. I guess over in Iraq a much more horrible sound now erupts across their skies. It seems to be a sobering reminder of what we have now embarked upon.

I sincerely hope and pray this war ends as suddenly as it begins. I worry it won't.

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