Improved on IE

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 2:25 AM

Asisaid should now render properly on standards non-compliant browsers ( cough Internet Explorer cough) as well as those which obey standards, now. I tested the site against IE 6 on Windows 98, and, as always, continue to test it against Mozilla Firefox 1.x and Apple Safari 2.0. With Firefox now grabbing nearly 10% of the browser market, less than one year after release, I'm a bit more optimistic that Microsoft may soon have to learn to play nice with W3C specifications, but I'm not overly optimistic.

As a side note, I love the new features of Safari 2.0, especially the RSS reader integration. Now, I can keep up with all of my regularly read blogs without having to go to each one just to see if something new has been posted. I added all of the RSS feeds to one bookmark folder on my bookmark bar, and now I can just click that and see all of the feeds aggregated conveniently. I am also appreciating that Apple finally supported embedded PDF's; it is beyond me why Apple opted not to do this with the original Safari, but I am happy to have it finally acting the way it does in other browsers.

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Re: Improved on IE

I am using Safari RSS almost exclusively now to read blogs. I love the RSS feeder functionality. Unfortunately, I must use Firefox to make posts because Safari doesn’t like the javascript that WordPress uses for its quicktags.

Now if all the blogs that I read had RSS feeds…

Do RSS readers show up in you Counter Stat script?

Posted by Christopher - May 31, 2005 | 3:04 AM- Location: MO

Re: Improved on IE

“I’m a bit more optimistic that Microsoft may soon have to learn to play nice with W3C specifications, but I’m not overly optimistic.”

lol. MS competing in an open market without using its OS power to -force- influence its will on others?? Now that’s funny. :lol:

Posted by Mark - May 31, 2005 | 4:21 PM- Location: MA

Re: Improved on IE

  1. I’ll have a look in IE too, then :smile:
  2. Should I get an RSS feed soon? :shock:
Posted by Flip - Jun 01, 2005 | 5:37 AM- Location: Sweden

Re: Improved on IE

It is not required, Flip. However, I would appriciate it. :grin:

Posted by Christopher - Jun 01, 2005 | 7:10 PM- Location: MO

Re: Improved on IE

Christopher: No, unfortunately not. The RSS feed doesn’t mention to the reader to load a the necessary JavaScript. It’d be possible to implement a workaround, but it would be somewhat complicated.

Mark: Well, notice that Microsoft played the web standards tune somewhat until it was clear they were winning the browser war. As always MS loves to act like the champion of freedom until they no longer need to. I’m suspecting if Firefox can take 20-30% of the market, Microsoft will find something in Firefox that is less standardized than their own browser and howl about how Firefox isn’t playing nice with standards.

Flip: An RSS feed would be great! :) I’ll look forward to hearing how things look in IE for you.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jun 01, 2005 | 9:44 PM- Location: MO

Re: Improved on IE

It looks normal (as in “as it should, for once”) in IE! :shock: Well done! Now, one of these years I’ll get around to making an RSS feed :???:

Posted by Flip - Jun 02, 2005 | 2:21 PM- Location: Sweden

Re: Improved on IE

RSS would be good, Flip. I know it’s a bad attitude, but I don’t keep up with blogs regularly that don’t have RSS. It’s nothing snooty. I’m used to checking my aggregator daily so I don’t have to click through all the blogs I follow to see if they are updated.

Posted by kevin - Jun 04, 2005 | 5:37 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Improved on IE

I’ll second Kevin’s usage of feeds.

Tim, any good resources that helped you normalize your design across IE and firefox? I have a church site that looks great in firefox, but now I need to tweak it to fit IE and am looking for resources.

Posted by Josiah Ritchie - Jun 06, 2005 | 12:20 PM- Location: Lanham, MD

Re: Improved on IE

Not really, Josiah. I had simply been reading different tips on how to make a multicolumn design using absolute boxes, wherein I read that one column needs to be relative for things to work right (and having them all relative does not seem to work either). This design uses floating divs rather than normal divs on the side column, but after fooling with that other stuff, I got the idea that if I put all of the floating items inside one large absolute div, maybe it would work better… and it did. :)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jun 06, 2005 | 11:17 PM- Location: MO

Re: Improved on IE

Hmm… Asisaid is now not looking right in Firefox 1.0.4. The right hand column boxes with the green backgrounds are slighly overlapping the black column, and the white main portion. Occasional bits of text are hidden because of this.

I can screen grab if you need me to.

Posted by Timothy - Jun 08, 2005 | 3:03 PM- Location: Saint Charles, MO

Re: Improved on IE

Interesting. I didn’t catch that when I looked at it in Firefox. It looks great in Safari. :D I guess I will have to tweak it a bit more.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Jun 09, 2005 | 2:40 AM- Location: MO

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