I Don't Know About That...

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:42 PM

This web poll says I am a fundamentalist and that I believe that science has brought on corruption of society. Oddly enough, I answered favorably to virtually every question about science, save for the one that evolution has helped us become more spiritual (as a whole, I think regardless of one's position concerning evolutionary theory, it is hard to assert that it has made the world more spiritual). I took the quiz twice, actually; the first time it said I was a “cultural creative” (which it reported as being “spiritual, but not religious”). I went back through because I realized I'd marked a few wrong, and also tried to read their questions a bit more closely.

As a whole, I think the poll is flawed. While I've been accused of being a fundamentalist, I generally do not fit well in true fundamentalist circles. I've come to the conclusion I am not a fundamentalist at all. I'm certainly not a post-modernist though, I'm more of about anything than a po-mo. I tend to see post-modernism as the enemy of rational thought — scientific, religious and philosophical. I do probably fit somewhat into the Romanticists, though.

I think the big problem here is that the quiz had questions such as whether religious texts should be taken symbolically, wherein the meaning is somewhat ambiguous. Sure, they are filled with symbols and even literal parts can have a secondary interpretation that is symbolic. On the other hand, I suspected what the author meant was “scriptures should be read only as mythological truths,” to which I had to answer in disagreement. In truth, then, despite this poll's support for varying levels of agreeing and disagreeing on statements, it really is rather polar. When I answered that statement as being somewhat true, I was a cultural creative; when I answered it as false, I was a fundamentalist. There is no middle ground in the poll, which is too bad, because it could have been interesting.

I'm not a polar person. I agree with fundamentalists on many things, but I reject the anti-intellectualism that I am seeing in the fundamentalist movement presently. For that matter, not only anti-intellectual, but just generally anti-all-kinds-of-things attitude, from Harry Potter to the Da Vinci Code. I find myself attracted most closely to the neo-Orthodox theologians such as C.S. Lewis, and more recently, Karl Barth (from what I've read of him thus far). I neither reject rationality nor revelation, but believe that both will ultimately be true. Seek truth knowing that there can be no conflict between God and truth.

You scored as Fundamentalist. Fundamentalism represents a movement in opposition to Modernism, stressing the highest importance on foundational religious tradition. Science has brought on corruption of society. God is real and is watching. Scripture leaves little room for interpretation; man is God’s creation. About a quarter of the population in the U.S. is classified as Fundamentalist.







Cultural Creative










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Re: I Don't Know About That...

IMHO, the problem with TDVC is how the author and MSM are treating it. Its listed as a work of fiction yet during most of his interviews he pawns it off as some new revelations of a group of hidden facts. So by making that claim, people started to look into it and found far to many flaws to print here. Then fans of the book started to cry foul with “its only fiction” only to then add “Well you never know he might have something.”

You can’t have it both ways. Its either utter fiction with no hint of truth or its factual. And if you claim factual, you, like every other writer will be subject to fact checkers to verify any claimed facts. So far this book has failed almost completely.

Adding to the problem, everytime the MSM does an expose on this book, they don’t invite respected people in their field. Just the opposite, they invite authors of books that are know for their slant against Catholic views.

So know I don’t think this book should be “left alone.”

Sorry for the rant.

Posted by Mark - May 15, 2005 | 5:29 PM- Location: MA

Re: I Don't Know About That...

Romanticist 75% Cultural Creative 69% Existentialist 56% Postmodernist 56% Fundamentalist 50% Idealist 44% Modernist 19% Materialist 0%

I think this test was extremely skewed… The creator seem to have put two “views” against each other in every question, and the result is not at all in concordance with what I answered and the world views I entered :neutral:

Posted by Flip - May 15, 2005 | 7:40 PM- Location: Sweden

Re: I Don't Know About That...

Fundamentalist 63%
Romanticist 56% Postmodernist 50% Existentialist 31% Cultural Creative 31% Modernist 6% Materialist 0% Idealist 0%

Posted by Michael Morgan - May 15, 2005 | 7:56 PM- Location: Sullivan, Missouri

Re: I Don't Know About That...

I had to think about some of these questions.

Posted by Michael Morgan - May 15, 2005 | 7:58 PM- Location: Sullivan, Missouri

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