Sunday Brunch: A Brunch on Brunch

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:19 PM

1) Do you eat breakfast on a regular basis and why or why not?
No. I love breakfast, but I love sleep even more. If I skip breakfast, I only have to get up one hour before I need to be almost any place I might need to go. If I eat a microwave breakfast, as I do sometimes, that ups the time by ten or fifteen minutes. A good, freshly prepared breakfast would do substantially more damage to my sleep time.

While I don't have to rise as early as some, breakfast just does not come out important enough to make it worth the extra time. As a side note, I would point out that most breakfast foods (short of a “full” breakfast as described below) do not seem to be overly filling, and therefore I just end up eating more on a day that I eat breakfast. If I just eat lunch, I end up consuming the same amount of lunch and feel just as satisfied, despite having a net of less food during the day.

2) What is your typical everyday breakfast?
A glass of milk or chocolate milk is my average “breakfast.”

3) How do you eat your eggs?
I prefer omelets, strongly, but I do like fried eggs on occasion. My favorite omelet is a western style with cheese and without mushrooms (i.e. green pepper, ham, onion and cheese, and, optionally, jalapeno peppers). Although I have not figured out how to create my ideal omelet, I know a cafe down in the Ozarks that does know how — they manage to make the egg very thin, thus allowing the omelet to be wrapped up like a burrito rather than the typical clam-shell style folding. The best omelet should have its ingredients that go inside the egg sautéed prior to making the actual omelet, rather than dumping the ingredients “raw” inside the egg. Cheese is best on top, not inside the omelet. Serve with ample hash browns and some good toast or biscuits with fresh jam.

If an omelet is out of the question, I will generally opt for two fried eggs, over medium, sausage links and hash browns. If available, though, I like Captain's Hash as well (that's where the sausage, and hashbrowns are tossed together with green pepper and onion — the egg remains on the side).

4) What is your favorite restaurant to eat breakfast out at?
McDonald's, Hardees or Jack-in-the-Box are all good for a quick breakfast, although I vastly prefer going some place that will serve the aforementioned, properly prepared omelet. At most fast food restaurants I will opt for a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich with a hashbrown. I do like McDonald's breakfast burritos and McGriddle sandwiches too.

5) Describe your perfect breakfast in detail.
I think I already did that in the course of explaining proper egg preparation. Like Christopher, I would express my dislike of breakfast served at times other than breakfast. The one exception would be a brunch type setting where you might have breakfast and lunch foods mixed in a late morning/noonish type setting, but I very much dislike breakfast for dinner.

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Re: Sunday Brunch: A Brunch on Brunch

  1. Most definately. Most important meal of the day.

  2. Protein powder with milk and maybe some flax seed oil. Accompanied by either a english muffin with Almond butter, banana, toast, or yogart.

  3. Scrambled or Omelet.

  4. I never eat out for breakfeast.

  5. Perfect would be, Ham, pepper and cheese omelet with an apple and english muffin. Washed down with some good green tea.:wink:

Posted by Mark - Apr 18, 2005 | 1:11 PM- Location: MA

Re: Sunday Brunch: A Brunch on Brunch

  1. I rarely miss breakfast. When I do, it’s for medical reasons. I wake up hungry, and always have.

  2. Sausage patty, cheese and scrambled egg on Roman Meal toast. Spreads vary between real butter, jam, or something like Ranch dip.

  3. I’m an experienced cook and will make and eat them in a wide variety. However, most days I don’t work too hard and will scramble just barely. I am very fond of hard-boiled, too.

  4. A rare experience, but I still prefer breakfast restaurants, such as Denny’s, Waffle House, etc. I despise McDonald’s and would rather starve; I have a low opinion of most other fast-food breakfast.

  5. Omeletes: use a blender to whip the eggs into a froth, add a bit of half-n-half and pour into a hot pan. If you’re good, you can roll the resulting giant fluff around and flip it without tools. I like red onion, yellow bell peppers or mild anaheims, shredded Black Forest ham, and just about any cheese. Fresh hot whole-wheat biscuits on the side with real butter and all-fruit preserves. Milk is required. Gourmet coffee afterward to settle it all in.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Apr 18, 2005 | 5:22 PM- Location: Rural SE Texas

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