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I know I have several Baptists reading this, so perhaps one of you could straighten me out on an issue that is confusing me. How exactly are the Primitive Baptists and Free Will Baptists of the nineteenth century connected to the modern day ABC and SBC? At first, I thought perhaps the two present conventions descended from one or both of those groups, but I almost get the feeling that the precursor to the present mainline Baptists actually had the Primitive Baptists and Free Will Baptists split off from it.

Any light that can be provided would be appreciated. :)

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Re: Baptists
I really have no idea, but I do know that baptist history is rarely discussed. We tend, due to that undiscussed history, to be a very loose affiliation. As you dig back into our history the baptist tends to find that he was more liturgical than they might care to admit. :-) I've only been learning about this as our current pastor has been digging it up and sharing. For example, ever heard of the Baptist Confession of Faith? Most baptists haven't. This looks to be related, and an interesting read:
Posted by Josiah Ritchie - Apr 15, 2005 | 4:44 PM

Re: Baptists
Technically, SBC broke off from ABC. There was a rather ecumenical missions support group that met, but was rather loosely organized. Leadership was abolitionist, but the southern groups broke away during the Civil War era, over slavery and also to organize more efficiently. The modern ABC is actually ABCUSA, quite liberal and a member of several socialist religion organizations (WCC, NCC, etc.). Primitive Baptists are more hard Calvinist and not very mission-minded at all, going from way back. They are left over from the earliest Baptist settlers from England, and represent the dominant Calvinist stream. There are actually serveral "free will" groups that come from a radically different tradition, and are quite Arminian. While the organizers broke off from more mainstream groups, their theology is traceable to some very old groups in England.
Posted by Ed Hurst - Apr 15, 2005 | 6:33 PM

Re: Baptists
Thanks, Josiah and Ed. I shall look at that link, Josiah. Never hurts to finally admit a link to liturgy! :D Ed, thanks for the history... that, I think, helps a lot.
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Apr 16, 2005 | 2:54 AM

Re: Baptists
Primative, Missionary Baptists, Freewill and Hardshell split because of the cooperative program which combines all missionary efforts under one umbrella. Also many of the churches actually practice things like "foot-washing". The Mainline Baptists of today are more like the Southern Baptist Church I grew up in. Everyone cooperated on sending missionaries, but each local church was autonomous. There was the Baptist Faith and Message which was more of a guidelin and not a creed. No one signed statements of faith or loyalty oaths in order to teach at seminaries the "the priesthood of the believer" was at the top. If you don't agree, start your own church or move to another one. SBC churches split all the time. My family left the church I grew up in because the new preacher had decided he would order the minister of music around. The deacon body and church as a whole had more power than the preacher and definitely more than anyone at the SBC offices which were for producing literature and financing missionary endeavors. We had so many pastors at some churches I have a difficult time naming all of them. You either drive one out or you ask him to leave. No one at SBC assigned preachers. It started in the 1960s that the SBC decided they needed to have more control. Churches were rarely kicked out, except for haveing a female preacher or electing a woman as deacon. It happened when they decided to tear down the wall between church and state and that is the main difference in the SBC and Mainline now, with a few extras like loyalty oaths. The SBC is much more like the conservative groups were when I was growing up. They are very dogmatic and say either you agree with my interpretation or you are out of the convention.
Posted by Karen Webb - May 21, 2006 | 2:10 PM

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