By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 7:04 AM

I realized I forgot to wish y'all a happy St. Patrick's day yesterday. I hope all of you had a good one and remembered to wear green so that you wouldn't get pinched.

Myself, I enjoyed a lunch that included cabbage and potatoes, so I could not have been much happier. (Plus Thursday was a great day in general, but that's beside the point.)

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Re: Whoops!

Some of us like getting pinched.  :P

Posted by kevin - Mar 19, 2005 | 7:44 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Whoops!

I wore green in honor of my extensive Irish heritage, but spent the day working at the church-house. I don’t think the Irish are famous for that.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Mar 19, 2005 | 3:12 PM- Location: Rural SE Texas

Re: Whoops!

Kevin: good point. :-)

Ed: Well, as far as I know, I have no ties to the Irish (save that my name sounds a bit like it), but hey, it’s fun anyway. Any holiday that is celebrated with a healthy dose of cabbage is good by me.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Mar 19, 2005 | 7:23 PM- Location: MO

Re: Whoops!

My extensive Irish heritage likes getting pinched. :P

Posted by kevin - Mar 20, 2005 | 7:35 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

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