Here Shall He See Gross Fools as He

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:44 AM

I took the “What Mood Are You In?” quiz after seeing it over on Michael's blog. It told me that I am in a “decent mood.”

You aren't turning cartwheels, but you're having a pretty good day. Some ups, some downs, but overall you're coming out ahead.
And who knows? Tomorrow could be even better!

I guess that is appropriate enough. Personally, I was feeling rather like the following instead:

More, I pr'ythee, more. I can suck melancholy out of a song, as a weasel sucks eggs. More, I pr'ythee, more.

I'm too short on time right now to work up some challenge questions, although I should. 5 pts. if you can identify that quote. Of course, feel free to post what mood the quiz says of you, below, as well.

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Re: Here Shall He See Gross Fools as He

That would be As You Like It, by Bill “The Bard” Shakespeare. (Act 2 Sc 5 to be precise)

Posted by Timothy - Mar 15, 2005 | 3:32 AM- Location: St. Charles, MO

Re: Here Shall He See Gross Fools as He

You are in a fantastic mood!

You’re confident, focused, and on top of your game. People are attracted to your energy right now. This is the time to go for it - you’re likely to get what you want!

Posted by kevin - Mar 15, 2005 | 3:47 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Here Shall He See Gross Fools as He

Welcome, Timothy, another Timothy in St. Charles? Ah, that could make things interesting. :-) Yes, it is indeed my good friend “Bill,” speaking through Jacque.

Kevin: Good to hear!

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Mar 15, 2005 | 5:18 AM- Location: Missouri

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