(Grumble) AudioScrobber (Grumble)

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:30 AM

Josiah turned me on to AudioScrobber, which tracks what music you play for the purpose of recommending songs as well as comparing common musical themes between members of AudioScrobber groups (for instance, Josiah started one named after his blog).

The problem is that its update application leaves some functionality to be desired. It isn't a plugin to iTunes, it runs constantly in the background instead, watching for when the Recently Played playlist is updated in iTunes. Not quite comfortable making it an auto-start application until I used it for awhile, I started it manually. Shortly thereafter, I was away from my desktop for ten days, during which time I did not synchronize my iPod (I don't synchronize it with my laptop).

Tonight I plugged it in, forgetting that I had restarted my desktop (and therefore needed to restart AudioScrobber's tool) and therefore despite the fact that I had listened to a lot of music during the evenings the past two weeks, none of it will show up on my statistics page. Since some of the stats are only produced once a week, I'll wait another week before linking to my page on the site, since the stats still aren't that useful (grumble) unlike how they would have been if the app had just been a plugin and therefore would have caught my iPod sync.

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Re: (Grumble) AudioScrobber (Grumble)
Woulda been cool! I'll enjoy it next week. On an aside, I've recently gone to using firefox without the graphics being downloaded. It is interesting to see what it does with pages. Your blog comes out looking pretty good.
Posted by Josiah Ritchie - Mar 14, 2005 | 10:02 PM

Re: (Grumble) AudioScrobber (Grumble)
Yeah, I decided to do the manual post on the topic of music instead for this week. :-) AudioScrobber should have received a bunch of new music to list yesterday (indeed, it did), but for some reason, it isn't updating my weekly charts. *sigh*
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Mar 15, 2005 | 12:17 AM

Re: (Grumble) AudioScrobber (Grumble)
Oh, regarding my site, thanks! This site really doesn't use many graphics and I think the widths and heights should all be set, so I guess that's why it comes out OK. It must have had something to do with me placing my picture on the site. You notice that last week and you have now (rightly) turned off graphics. Wise move. ;-)
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Mar 15, 2005 | 12:18 AM

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