Need Some Punditing?

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:26 PM

I'm pleased to introduce a new entry to my blog roll. Le Renard Subtil's Citizen of the State is an interesting “pundit blog” that's part of the Gone Ape Web Network (as is What in Tarnation!?!). This blog has been up for about a month, and I decided it was high time for me to add it to my blog roll rather than using my blog roll to get to Christopher's blog roll to get to COTS (if you aren't confused by now, you should get some kind of award!).

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RE: Need Some Punditing?
I think I followed you on that one Tim. What was the award? Oh wait it says I should get an award.
Posted by Christopher - Mar 01, 2003 | 1:14 AM

RE: Need Some Punditing?
Hmm... you get your name on the "Tim's Journal Hall of Fame for Folks Who Can Understand Confusing Timisms." How's that sound? :-) -Tim
Posted by Tim - Mar 01, 2003 | 1:28 PM

RE: Need Some Punditing?
Thank you. I appreciate the blogroll. I'll be adding yours to!
Posted by le renard subtil - Mar 01, 2003 | 10:57 PM

RE: Need Some Punditing?
Sounds good!
Posted by Christopher - Mar 02, 2003 | 11:47 PM

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