Monday Brunch on Lunch

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:45 AM

1) Do you take your lunch hour at work?
No. Since I don't have a schedule exactly, I eat whenever there is time. Usually between 11:30 and 1:30. Generally I take far less than an hour too. I do take a lunch forty-five minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, since I have classes before and after the noon hour.

2) What is your favorite place to eat lunch at?
Tough question. I like lots of places, it just depends on my mood. St. Louis Bread Co. tasted very good today. My favorite lunch is just one that is different than what I had the day before.

3) What do you usually eat for lunch?
I vary a lot.

4) Do you have anyone that you eat lunch with on a regular basis?
Yes, but it varies depending on the day of the week.

5) If not eating, what do you usually do on your lunch hour?
Me, miss lunch? The only other thing I might be doing is frantically working so I can fit lunch in. ;-)

Have your Brunch on Lunch in the comments, if you'd like.

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Re: Monday Brunch on Lunch

I forgot to do that this week. Maybe later.

Posted by Christopher - Mar 01, 2005 | 1:14 PM- Location: MO

Re: Monday Brunch on Lunch

Now here’s a topic that really distinguishes personality types. Your answers indicate the questions are all the wrong ones for you. They are based on wrong assumptions about a large segment of the population, but probably fits perfectly the majority. Lunch is seldom a luxury thing for me. I prefer a varied faire, but am restricted by all sorts of things. I don’t even work, by most people’s definition. Yet I often grab what is convenient here at home — lots of leftovers. Today I’ll be at the church house and eat what can be carried conveniently since I’ll not be driving a vehicle. When engaged in manual labor of that sort, I often skip lunch in favor of task completion.

Posted by Ed Hurst - Mar 01, 2005 | 4:11 PM- Location: Rural SE Texas

Re: Monday Brunch on Lunch

I like the new look. My answers are at my blog.

Posted by Michael Morgan - Mar 01, 2005 | 10:46 PM- Location: Sullivan, Missouri

Re: Monday Brunch on Lunch

You should be ashamed, Christopher. :-P

Ed: Good point about the assumptions; I like to break assumptions.

Michael: Thanks!

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Mar 01, 2005 | 11:51 PM- Location: Missouri

Re: Monday Brunch on Lunch

I thought about answering the questions and realized they don’t fit my paradigm, either. I don’t work a “9–5” job. I eat 3–4 meals per day, but I’m not sure I even call on of them “lunch.” When I eat, I’m usually doing something else. Either I’m eating at my desk or I’m going out to eat with someone. If I had a wife/family, at least one of those meals each day would be a time for us to sit together and chat while we eat.

Posted by kevin - Mar 03, 2005 | 2:19 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Monday Brunch on Lunch

Here is how it worked at my last job.

  1. Yes and sometimes more if my workouts go long. I’ll then stay and make up twice the time.

  2. Home.

  3. Think meaty salads like Ceasar, with a good amount of meat. Some fruit, alot of greens. etc etc.

  4. No, ate at my desk. If I couldn’t train then I’d eat with people who I hung out with.

  5. Running, Swimming, Cycling, street hockey, soccer, beach vollyball, or maybe just a walk. I hate being indoors, so I need my fix of outside; no matter what the weather is. ;-)

Posted by Mark - Mar 03, 2005 | 11:29 PM- Location: MA

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