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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 11:47 PM

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm (re)learning Koine Greek. So far, I'm making progress on parts that stumped me previously. I've also spent a good amount of time refreshing myself on stuff I already knew at sometime in the past but no longer could recall in a productive fashion. I wasn't sure if taking 3 out of the 15 hours of my semester schedule and dedicating it to a course that fulfills absolutely no requirements was a good idea, but now that I'm in the midst of it, I think it was a good choice.

The interesting thing is that the instructor taught himself Latin last year so that he could teach that as well. Apparently, he says it is relatively easy to learn Latin once you get use to Greek. Ideally, I will be good to go with Greek by the end of the semester — not a Greek whiz, but with enough knowledge to work my way through it. Where to go from there is the question, but the professor's remarks about Latin have me intrigued.

I'm thinking about trying to see if I could teach myself Latin later this year. If I could do that, presumably, it would make it easier to reach a practical goal: to learn Spanish. In the future it will be a necessity to know Spanish around here (see my previous post on that, here), so I need to quit talking and accomplish something about that soon. This might help and allow me to pick up one of the nicest sounding languages ever to be created along the way.

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Re: Road Map

If your goal is to learn spanish, why don’t you take a spanish class?  :P

Posted by kevin - Feb 26, 2005 | 2:15 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Road Map

Well, I don’t really have an urge to learn Spanish, I just don’t like the fact that I can’t talk to a lot of the service workers in the area such as those that might be cooking my food… even several neighbors don’t speak English.

But, if I could learn Latin, something I would like to do, and have a good excuse (it would ease learning a Latin-based language such as Spanish), then that sounds good to me! :-)

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 26, 2005 | 2:29 AM- Location: MO

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