Radio Personalities.

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 4:21 PM

You know, there is something special about radio. I guess it works for TV too, but it just seems like you really “get to know” talk radio personalities. They almost become like friends — people who come “visit” you every day and keep you company on a commute, at work, or where ever else.

I was just thinking about this as the radio personalities at KMOX have spent the day discussing the murder of long time personality Nan Wyatt, the host of the “Total Information AM” program. It's odd, I'd never met Wyatt, but it still was something that gave me pause when I first heard of the news on the radio this morning.

Certainly this isn't something that is just me either. I was amazed at all of the heartfelt responses from callers to KMOX today. Even major figures like Gov. Bob Holden and Sen. Jim Talent took time out of their day to express their sympathy and talk about Wyatt's impressive skills as a host and interviewer.

Radio is special like that, in both sad times like this and good times. I don't have any glitzy ending for this, but I just felt likesaying that right now.

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RE: Radio Personalities.

Whatever happened to Diana Prophet (sp.?) from KMOX? I used to listen to her early, early in the mornings before commuting to host my own local show in Fort Smith, AR.

Posted by Susan - Jan 08, 2004 | 12:14 AM- Location: Clarksville Arkansas

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