Challenge Set #7

By Tim Butler | Posted at 11:09 PM

Kevin: 180 (up from 160 on January 28)
Christopher: 65
Flip: 60 (up from 45 on January 28)
Jason: 35
Josiah: 30
Eduardo: 20
Ed: 10
Chris (answering vicariously for his wife): 10

Christopher is losing ground to Flip again… this does not look good for the owner to the title of first recipient of asisaid points.

New Challenge Questions
1.) Who is saying this, in what and (if applicable) by whom? What's the irony to it? (5 pts.)
Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice; Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgement.
Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
But not express'd in fancy; rich, not gaudy;
For the apparel oft proclaims the man;
And they in France of the best rank and station
Are of a most select and generous chief in that.
2.) Who is saying this, in what and (if applicable) by whom? (5 pts.)
We have known times of sorrow, and hours of uncertainty, and days of victory. In all this history, even when we have disagreed, we have seen threads of purpose that unite us.

3.) Something in the last week gives Rick Warren, Chuck Colson and Dr. James Dobson something new in common. What is it? (5 pts.)

4.) Who was the one clergyman to sign the U.S. Constitution? What was his affiliation? (5 pts.)

5.) What are the two parts of AT&T, other than Baby Bells, that will be reunited if the SBC-AT&T merger is approved by regulatory agencies? What makes this merger such an interesting contrast to AT&T's 1998 acquisition of Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI)? (10 pts.)

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