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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:57 AM

I'm not sure if anyone has (or ever will, for that matter) make use of the topics on the sidebar, but as long as I have them, I decided to start putting things in order. My blog has been subtlety shifting to less of a technology focus (at least I think it has, did you notice?) and so I shifted things around to avoid placing new content into Miscellaneous. The Linux category and some other technology sections were merged into the existing Comp/Tech category, which makes more sense. Here's what's new:

  • Books, Literature and Language: This category will be a good place for discussion of books when they don't fit anywhere else. It will also contain my musings on literature (several longish pieces coming soon) and the English language. This kind of stuff is already on the site and I'm sorting through the other categories and moving stuff here as appropriate.
  • Holidays: This category absorbed the Christmas and Christmas Cheer categories and will also house some of my stuff from other holidays. Again, I'm still working on populating it with posts that previously went into less appropriate categories.
  • Creative Works: This takes over for my Writing and Poetry categories that house creative projects I've placed on asisaid. When inspiration of Haiku or Villanelle strikes, it will land here from now on. I have a few pending that I have not decided if I will release or not. If I ever get a start on the next Great American Novel, that will go here too. I've started placing items in it, expect some older ones to be added in the future.
  • Learning: Stuff from “the Academy.” I'm not sure exactly what will find its way here, but it will be more than mere discussion of course schedules in the future. More informal posts on the joy of learning may factor in too.
  • Question: This category is home to previous asisaid Challenge posts. If you want to revisit our friend Mosca from Volpone or recall the official languages of Sweden, check out these entries.]
  • Current Events: Apparently I don't comment on Science and News independently from other categories all that much, so I merged them together. I'll probably find some old posts that fit here in the future. If I discuss voting in Iraq, it will likely go here.

In addition, I'll be adding a Religion category soon, which should round out the new “Humanities Section.” This will house some posts I'd like to write on the Academic/Critical Study of Religion (not negative — critical can be positive) as opposed to my present Faith category, which normally focuses on the personal experience of faith in Jesus as opposed to systematic study of doctrines. If this difference sounds vague, stay tuned, as that will be the subject of my next post (or perhaps one post after that), time permitting.

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Re: Topically Speaking

Strangely enough, I used the topics listing earlier this evening, looking for an old review. I’m ahem in need of a case for an cough iPod.

Posted by kevin - Feb 01, 2005 | 6:46 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Topically Speaking

Wait a minute Kevin, I thought you purchased a competing device not long ago!  ;-)

Posted by Jason - Feb 01, 2005 | 10:18 PM- Location: Ventura, CA

Re: Topically Speaking

Yeah, is it a gift Kevin?

Posted by Christopher - Feb 02, 2005 | 2:08 AM- Location: MO

Re: Topically Speaking

A dear friend who knows I’m a huge U2 fan gave me a very nice gift. I was happy with the competing device, but since the iPod was given, I’m going to use it.

Posted by kevin - Feb 02, 2005 | 8:29 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Topically Speaking

Ah, Kevin! Hehehe…. you finally saw the light! An iPod always goes great with a Mac. :-)

You want this link: . That’s the case I’d recommend… I love mine.

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Feb 02, 2005 | 10:46 PM- Location: MO

Re: Topically Speaking

Yup. I found the link quickly through the topics.  :)

I looked at that case, but found another at a local Mac store. Guess I’ll have to go see who made it and what it’s called so I can write up a review of my own. For my purposes, it’s a great case.

Posted by kevin - Feb 03, 2005 | 4:27 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

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