Monday Brunch: I'm Booked

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:37 AM

I borrowed this from Christopher (again).

1) Do you use bookmarks?
Almost always. It's usually an envelope or some other piece of material that happens to be available. If I plan to mark out a lot of pages in a book, I might take a piece of scratch paper and tear it into strips instead.

2) What is your favorite book?
That is a very tough question, I must, like Christopher, categorize. Sheesh! I think I am going to interpret the term “book” somewhat loosely. Perhaps Aeschylus' Orestia or Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy for drama. For the lighter side of things, Voltaire's Candide. For non-fiction, perhaps C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity or Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson.

3) Who is your favorite author?
I'm not sure if I have just one. Let's make it easier by saying it must be someone who live in the last one hundred years. Alright then, I'll say C.S. Lewis.

4) What is the movie you feel is the most authentic version of a book?
Most of the books I've read haven't been made into screen plays or I have failed to watch the movies if they had, so I don't know.

5) Is there a book you wish they would make into a movie and why?
The Orestia or an approximation of it, would make an amazing movie. Candide would be good too.

Have some late brunch in the comments.

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Re: Monday Brunch: I'm Booked

1) Nope. Dogears everywhere. I do toss in an occasional post-it if I really want to make sure to go back to something. Otherwise, by the time I’m done with a book, 25% of the pages can be bent. The size of the ear is directly proportional to how much I want to find that passage again.

2) I have no (insert vulgar adjective here) clue. I read way too many books to even remember what books I’ve read.

3) This question is almost as bad as #2.

4) For the most part, I either read the book or watch the movie. I can’t do both. My imagination is way too creative. If I’ve read the book, the movie never looks anything like the picture in my mind. If I’ve watched the movie, the book is ruined because there’s already a picture in my mind. LOTR and Harry Potter are the two exceptions.

5) See #4. If you are going to make a book into a movie, I find children’s books do a much better job than adult books.

Posted by kevin - Feb 01, 2005 | 2:56 AM- Location: Milwaukie, OR

Re: Monday Brunch: I'm Booked

  1. Yes, either the receipt for the book, or one of the ones that good ol mother has bought for me. I think Picard is on one of them.

  2. I really don’t have one. It really depends on my mood. And since I’m not a big re-reader, except for the ones that I read for knowledge. I.e. Training for Endurance by Dr. Philip Maffatone. Stuff like that.

  3. A few years ago I would have said Stephan King without a doubt but, the way the Dark Tower is going I can’t say that anymore. I guess its a tie between Poe and Adams of HGTTG fame.

  4. Shawshank Redemption, or the real title Rita Hayworth comes to Shawshank. But then again it wasn’t a book but a short story, from Different Seasons I believe. So I guess I’ll go with the remake of The Shinning that was on US network(??). It followed the book pretty well. And given Kevin’s high praise of LOTR I’ll stop right there.

  5. They are actually making it right now. Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy. Heck I even got my wife to start read them. When we finally get to see it, I’ll be sure to drape a towel over my shoulder. ;-)

Posted by Mark - Feb 01, 2005 | 4:59 PM- Location: MA

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