Challenge #6 Update

By Tim Butler | Posted at 11:30 PM

An update to the last post. If you want to answer one of the remaining questions, please answer it here rather than on the last post.

Kevin: 160 (up from 145 on January 27)
Christopher: 65
Flip: 45 (up from 35 on January 27)
Jason: 35 (up from 15 on January 27)
Josiah: 30
Eduardo: 20
Ed: 10
Chris (answering vicariously for his wife): 10

5.2.) Jason solved the long standing mystery by properly identifying Mrs. Marwood of William Congreve's The Way of the World as the speaker of the quote. I, like Jason, have only read, not seen the play. Although, I believe Congreve actually intended it to be read, so maybe that isn't a bad thing. One expert on the subject insists that TWOTW is the height of satire in the English language as a comedy of manners. Personally, I'd lean toward Jonson's Volpone, as the superior satire; it, of course, is a comedy of humors to an extent (coming from no less an author than the one who wrote Every Man Out Of His Humor), although not to the extent of the Alchemist. The Alchemist is probably the finest of the plays technically, I'd suggest, but Volpone has much of the same “stuff” without having as difficult of “entry.” A few other satires occur to me that are even finer, perhaps, but I shall refrain from mentioning them, they would make good Challenge questions. :-)

6.2.) Kevin and Flip both brought up the Diet of Worms, which is correct.

6.3) I was indeed thinking of Challenger. Being from the Midwest, I can live with Baltimore defeating New York. ;-)

6.5.) The New LaHaye/Jenkins trilogy was correctly identified by Kevin as a prequel to Left Behind. Personally, I think both authors should concentrate on their independently developed series — Apocalypse Rising and Soon, respectively — rather than completely beating the dead Left Behind Series horse to smithereens. Will I buy it? Maybe.

Questions Open for the Taking
Lonely question 4.1 still wants an answer. Just for Flip, I'll even permit Googling for this one. Of course, places other than Google may hit the nail on the head better, but Google does help. Hint: the first result I found on Google was a bit too simplistic on the details of the what he had to do to benefit from the action I am referring to.

Question 6.1 received a guess from Kevin which was not correct. A major online technology publication network just wrote about this. Someone familiar with Michael Robertson (presently of Linspire) probably can figure out which publication and track down the information.

Also, question 6.4 was not penned by Benjamin Franklin, although it would have been humorous if he had — the rest of the text from which the excerpt comes would be interesting if applied to Mr. Arnold. Anyone want to take another stab at this one?

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