Buh Bye

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 8:14 PM

The old blogging software I've been using seems to have given up its ghost. It's dead. As a doornail. Gone. Bit the dust. Bought the farm. All the entries now refuse to appear, although all the data is intact on the server. I have no idea why.

Fortunately, I've been planning a blogware update to my new SAFARI 2 Content System. Unfortunately, I discovered some bugs in it this afternoon as I was considering migrating it (this was all before I realized my blogware had died). Fortunately, I've fixed most of those bugs. Unfortunately, I haven't fixed all of them yet.

My big hope is that I'll return to the blogosphere within the next few days, at worst, maybe tonight, at best. In the mean time, I'll update this page, but I don't want to put too much effort into this static page.

I've placed a place holder article on OfB.biz where you can comment on this “entry” if you'd like to. Click here to read and post comments.

Merry Christmas to All of My Friends in the Blogosphere!

In the mean time…If you have not visited all of the sites on my blogroll before, why not visit one of them right now?

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