Questions Set #5 and Roundup

By Tim Butler | Posted at 5:14 PM

Score Board (as of 2004 December 18 @ 21:50 CST)
Kevin: 75
Christopher: 30
Flip: 30
Eduardo: 20
Jason: 15
Ed: 10
Chris (answering vicariously for his wife): 10

Questions still pending
Excellent chances to catch up with Kevin, or for Kevin to further solidify his lead.
4.1.) Where does the following quote come from (20 pts.) [link to original post]:
Now, luck yet send us, and a little wit
Will serve to make our play hit;
(According to the palates of the season)
Here is rhime, not empty of reason.

So far: Flip has correctly guessed that this is Ben Jonson. Ben Jonson what is the question that must be solved for the points. Where did the “killer cleric” write this (10 pts. more if you can make sense of “killer cleric” too).

4.6) If someone is speaking one or both quotes [in the last question]], who is that person or persons? [15 pts.] [link to original post]

New Questions:
5.1) What famous, now secularized figure attended the council of Nicene, what position within the church did he hold and where at [5 pts.]?

5.2) Who wrote it, where and, if appropriate, who said it [20 pts.]:
To pass our youth in dull indifference, to refuse the sweets of life because they once must leave us, is as preposterous as to wish to have been born old, because we one day must be old. For my part, my youth may wear and waste, but it shall never rust in my possession.
5.3) Who wrote/said this and in what [10 pts.]? BONUS: Explain the source and meaning of the name of the “what” part of the last question [10 pts.]. Hint on the bonus: The source of the bonus part of the question has been recently mentioned somewhere on this blog.
It has gotten to my head. Permeates the path I tread. But I tread, I'm moving on in a new and happy song.
I can sing about the night, how my tunnel without light
Led me to the other side where the sky is blue.

5.4) What is the bus speed of the iMac G5 1.8 GHz and what is the relation between the bus speed of iMac G5 models and the CPU clock speed? How does this differ, if it does, from the original PowerMac G5 1.8 GHz [5 pts.]? Note: No offense, Chris (Olson), but you aren't eligable for this question… it just wouldn't be fair! If you want to play this round, give me the fastest supported bus speed of the present, fastest AMD 64 processor instead. :-)

5.5) Useless trivia: What was the cpu model and clock speed of my first IBM-compatible computer (this has been mentioned at one point here on asisaid)? What did I have before having an IBM-compatible? [10 pts.]

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