MandrakeSoft declares Bankruptcy

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 12:31 AM

Well, they did what everyone expected them to do. My favorite GNU/Linux vendor has declared bankruptcy today. Besides the article I linked to in that sentence I also wrote a bit of commentary on it here. In the time since I started Open for Business, I've gotten to know some of the Mandrake people — such as co-founder Gaël Duval — so I almost feel like I've gotten news that an old friend is dying. I certainly hope they can emerge from this. What a shame.

In happier news: some of you might have noticed that there is a new blog in my blogroll. I'm rather picky about blogs, but I went to read GoodDogBadDog after Owen told me he had started linking to my journal, and it is really good. Go give him a read! :-)

Tags: Comp/Tech

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