By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:05 AM
Well, I brushed off my full iTunes library of Christmas music for the first time of the season today with one of my favorite albums, Michael W. Smith's Christmastime. The song of the same name is quite enchanting.
Loved ones close to our hearts and strangers in lands afar
Together share in the joy
He has come to dwell
With one voice
Let the world rejoice
The CD is a masterful blend of tracks with instrumental, children's choir, and of course, MWS's singing as well. MWS has a knack for composition, and this CD is a testament to it. While the individual songs are good, it is best experienced played in its original order rather than being shuffled, I think. It is a Christmas experience — with a little work, it would probably make an amazing Christmas cantata service.
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RE: Christmastime

And here I am thinking you were referring to Bob and Doug’s 12 days of christmas. ;-)

Posted by Mark - Dec 13, 2004 | 4:04 PM- Location: Ma

RE: Christmastime

Nope. :-) BTW, who are Bob and Doug?

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 14, 2004 | 1:41 AM- Location: Missouri

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