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By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 9:30 PM

I posted some new screenshots for those interested in seeing what my desktop with KDE 3.1 looks like (geekish to english translation: KDE is the most popular “desktop” for Linux… in other words, it provides a bunch of integrated apps, an OLE/ActiveX-like thing, window management, and so forth; a further simplification would be to say KDE is basically the entire GUI as far as a new Linux user would be concerned). I tried to show off some of KDE 3.1's best new visual features, such as Keramik, menu transparency, and Crystal SVG (which, oddly enough is png's of SVG's, the real SVG's will show up in KDE 3.2, IIRC). Take a look on my screenshot page.

Oh, as a side note, checkout this post I sent to ChristianSource. It shows a really exciting KDE-related move made by Apple Computer yesterday.

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you are on the blogroll

Hi Tim, nope, I didn’t change my mind. You are on the roll. :)

I just linked here via my blogroll which you are on :) You get to my blogroll by a button, clearly placed on my main page. You will see it on the left in the menu. Your link is in the blogroll :)

Thrive!, O

Posted by owen - Jan 10, 2003 | 9:13 AM- Location:

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