Late Night Haiku

By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 1:19 AM

Hear fountain babble,
Time for sleep has grown past due.
Winter dooms crickets.

PowerBook hums softly,
The keyboard clicks under fingers.
Look! Ideas form now.

My foot numb, asleep.
Pins and needles arise inside.
Sleeping birds care not.

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RE: Late Night Haiku

I have had it up to here with those uncaring birds!

I mean really, someone needs to talk to them.

Posted by Christopher - Nov 30, 2004 | 8:10 AM- Location: MO

RE: Late Night Haiku

Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe you could talk to them for me?

Chris talks to tired birds. Wrens listen closely to scolding. Birds’ beaks peck head hard.

Maybe not…

Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Dec 01, 2004 | 1:42 AM- Location: Missouri

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