By Timothy R Butler | Posted at 5:37 PM

For the simple reason that I want to keep my mailbox from just filling up my server's hard disk as it pleases, I have a quota of 200 megabytes on it (I keep a copy of messages on the server so that I can use IMAP to access my box from different locations). Unfortunately, I forgot to pay attention to the fact that I was approaching 200 megs of messages until this morning when my mail box traffic seemed a bit slow and my message rules weren't moving things into the right folder. Stupid me!

At any rate, if anyone tried to send me an e-mail message recently, would you please resend them?

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RE: Whoops!
IMAP is great for a flexible mailbox! I do the same thing.
Posted by Josiah Ritchie - Nov 15, 2004 | 11:21 AM

RE: Whoops!
Yup. I love being able to keep multiple computers sync'ed. :-)
Posted by Timothy R. Butler - Nov 16, 2004 | 12:36 AM

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